Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Incredible Slug at Janette Toral's Digital Influencer Bootcamp

Last week, I bought a ticket to the Wolverine premiere and that got me thinking, if I were a superhero named after an animal, I would probably be The Incredible Slug. Without a doubt, I would petrify my enemies with my sedentary lifestyle.

The ticket that got me thinking.
This is hardly an exaggeration. I sit eight to ten hours a day in front of the computer watching my life pass me by... er... I meant, optimizing other people's websites for search engines. In Internet lingo that's SEO. It involves so much sitting that there are days my butt muscles hurt. I've begun to think I should get my bum insured because it's obviously the most overworked part of my body.

I've been over using my behind for five years now, but lately I've been thinking, unless I want the fat in it and in my tummy to grow and start cascading around me like the folds of a ball gown, I need to plan for a career that'll involve fewer hours of sitting. Besides, if I stayed in SEO for good, what kind of stories would I tell my grandkids one day?

You know what kids, when I was a young lady, I was living the dream, I stared at thousands of backlinks every day while patiently cultivating my internal fat farm.

I don't mean to leave the online world entirely. There's always the option to earn passive income or hire other incredible slugs to do the sedentary work for me. Also, I have moderate and completely legal ambitions. I don't plan to become the country's president like Manny Pacquiao or the maker of imaginary friends in need like Janet Napoles (allegedly). I just want to be the master of my own home work cubicle and my loyal constituents, the dust particles on my desk.

So over the weekend, I attended Janette Toral's live Digital Influencer Bootcamp in the hopes of picking up a few tips on how to become my own boss. I like learning from Toral because she is an expert of guru proportions without the ego to match and she never holds back.

Eye bags contest with Janette Toral

True enough, she took us through everything an online entrepreneur needs to know from evaluating one's passions, goals and personal business model to outlining legal requirements, SEO strategies and modes of social media promotion.

At the end of the day, I must admit, I was in a bit of a daze, as if I'd eaten a bucketful of food seasoning. My blogger pal, Carlo summed up what I felt when he said he needed Simeco for the brain. The mild mental indigestion was well worth it though because the bootcamp drove home what I really need to do first, that is, identify what I truly want to do online.

Carlo has an advantage over me because he knows where he wants to go and only needs to review the strategies Toral taught to make a headway. I, on the other hand, am totally clueless, so I shall have to remain an incredible slug until I figure out this first crucial step.

If you want to take the journey to becoming a digital influencer too, you can check out Toral's online bootcamp and if you already know what you want to do, you'll only need half a dosage of Simeco.


  1. I feel you hear. I even sit in front of my PC for almost the entire day. I can stand only if I have to pee, take a bath, or do necessary stuff. Sigh.

    1. Hahaha. Exactly. Unfortunately a lot of folks don't seem to understand what we have to go through. They think we have it easy. I wish they'd try this kind of job. I don't think they'll last a year.

  2. Thank you Grace for joining. Keep me posted on your passion discovery journey. The more you give it a thought, making time for it regularly, it will come to you soon. See you again soon. :)

    1. And thank you Ma'am Janette for that very thorough and enlightening day. I'm so much more the better for it. :D

  3. I don't understand why you SEO/homebound writers/bloggers/workers are still complaining about the life you lead that office-bound, 9-5 corporate geeks like us have been pining for ever since we've been thrust in that crazy urban jungle? Count your blessings! You can always stand up and walk a kilometer or two round the block - and that takes only about 10-15 mins max. Wait till a crazy boss is breathing down your neck, demanding her/his report in 2 hours time, complete with research, charts and statistics. Then you'd think your lot would be a much better bed of roses ; )

    1. 1.) With ten hours of work and two small kids, I don't even have time to comb my hair, much less walk a kilometer or two. My health is suffering which is one of the reasons I need to leave this job.

      2.) I didn't say I don't count my blessings. I do. All the time. But counting your blessing is different from aspiring to achieve other things which I think everyone is entitled to. Even if you're already in a good spot but there's something better, why stay where you are when that better option is within reach?

      3.) This is one problem we Pinoys have culturally. Yes, you should be thankful for what you have but there's nothing wrong about aspiring for something better.

      4.) SEO is not my passion. If I can find something to do that's my passion and earn at the same time, then I'd love that. If I can't then at least I tried.

      5.) You think the online world has no crazy bosses. We have our fair share.

  4. This made my day. As in made my day! Thank you so much for sharing witty and funny posts. Now back to my sluggish life! LOL!!!!

    1. Hahaha. Thank you for laughing at my post Mommy Rubz. As an aspiring humor blogger (I think :D) that means a lot to me. Yes, magkitakita nalang niya ta puhon mga slugs for socialization. Lol

  5. "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."- I am a freelance web designer/programmer and I LOVE what I do. I guess I consider myself lucky that I have found something that I want and I earn generously.

    I know that it's difficult to change career especially with our bad economy but just pray and you will find it soon.

    On a side note, I'm really interested with SEO stuffs.


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