Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mark Bautista's The Sound of Love Album - Standard Songs in Unstandard Times

Standard songs are defined as masterpieces that are so popular, they have endured through time. Hereabouts though, the term conjures images of pomade, high waist pants, rheumatism, drunken grandfathers and retirement homes. There is no question that standard songs have some socio-cultural value, but hey, it’s not my fault that in my circle, people think it’s just a synonym for old.

Mark Bautista - The Sound of Love

When I heard that a local artist released an album of standards, I fell into contemplating the mysteries of the cosmos. Shouldn’t this artist with an old spirit have been born seven decades earlier?

Mark Bautista isn’t your tottering grandfather’s dentures dependent best friend. At thirty, he’s at the prime of his youth and in the age of YouTube where some of the more popular fare include an impertinent man who dances like a horse, a possessed diva who keeps on forgetting to wear pants and a misguided young boy who repeats four lines of lyrics indefinitely as if he’d forgotten the rest of the lyrics of his hit song, shouldn’t Mark be pandering to the desires of the masses?

But therein lies his appeal. I’m going to buy his album and it’ll be among the few oddities in my otherwise angst-ridden music collection because I like supporting artists who have the courage to take the risk to stay true to their spirit regardless of what the times say they should do.

Of course, that’s not the only reason I’m buying The Sound of Love. Mark’s ethereal voice is the perfect cure for all sorts of mental maladies such as, but not limited to, seeing dead people, hearing voices and imagining being stuck forever in the pits of workstation (a.k.a. cubicle) hell.

Mark’s voice is better than Prozac, Valium and San Miguel Beer.

Album song list:
  1. When I Fall in Love
  2. Strangers in the Night
  3. Kailangan Kita
  4. All the Way
  5. Love Without Time
  6. Bato sa Buhangin
  7. Love Story
  8. That's All
  9. Till
  10. What a Wonderful World
Click here to get The Sound of Love songs on iTunes or grab his album at record bars nationwide.

You can also get his other albums on iTunes.


  1. Gotta love the classics. I haven't been living in the Philippines for about a decade kaya I hardly know the new artists. I'm searching for Mark Bautista on youtube now.

  2. Classics are timeless. In fact, I am more familiar of the lyrics when I hear them during Sunday flashbacks. It's good that we still have artists who introduce them to the public, especially the youngsters.

  3. Classic music are endless. I love the song of Mark Bautista, listening to his song it seems you are in a great moment of your life, "RELAXING".

  4. I like Mark Bautista's voice compare to Erik Santos. haha Classics will remain classics, i hope they can come up with eternal songs. :)

  5. grabe 30s na pala si mark bautista? wow how fast time flies. i like his voice, actually. pero among his batchmates, its christian bautista that i like a lot. good thing he has an album out now :D

  6. I love all the songs in his album. I just hope Filipinos will truly embrace talented Pinoy like him. :)

  7. hahah! i love how the way u descibe Mark Bautista out here. im not a fan of love songs but i know Mark is such a good singer.. so I guess his album's great.


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