Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Senator Chiz Escudero and Grace Poe in Cagayan de Oro

The elections are upon us. Who are you gonna call? By all means call the Ghostbusters and maybe some exorcists. Politicians have once again become possessed by such powerful spirits that they have begun dancing out of step and singing out of tune in campaign sorties.

I'd like to believe Filipino voters are intelligent enough to deserve more than the sing and dance routine and the flatulent rhetoric. That's why I appreciate candidates like Senator Escudero and Grace Poe who sat down with the Cagayan de Oro new and traditional media to answer questions. While I do not wholly agree with everything they said, their press conference beats having to document proof of candidates' lack of talent in the performing arts.

The encounter was not without its entertainment value. Escudero and Poe brought with them a treasure trove of intriguing bits from the capital, the senate and the campaign trail. Watch all 21 clips from the playlist above and you'll find out:

  • Why Jack's beans grow faster and better than Philippine rice
  • Whatever happened to UNA
  • Why their faces are plastered in all the wrong places
  • Why Poe isn't using her neighbor's name
  • What Da King's daughter can and will do as a senator
  • What Escudero thinks is better than singing and dancing
  • Why Escudero will make one hot vampire er... I meant... what he thinks about being listed among the (un)dead (Team Patay)

Let it be known that I do not exclusively endorse these two candidates. I'll shoot any candidate('s video) if he wants to sit down for a chat with the local media too.


  1. I like them both :) Chiz Escudero wow-ed me since 2010 when I first encountered him.

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  2. It's election season again which is always a carnival in this side of the world. I'm still going for Chiz as he still is the least evil compared to alternative. Grace Poe, I'm still accessing and maybe I'll check how she performed in MTRCB.

  3. I don't feel like voting, it seems there is no candidate worth my vote.


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