Saturday, January 5, 2013

Much Ado in December 2012

sin tax law
The Sin Tax Law will make alcoholic drinks so expensive in the years to come that some are already considering shockingly desperate alternatives.
I can no longer write year enders. My ongoing foray into the harrowing world of earning a living and trying to make ends meet has considerably shrunk my mental storage system into the size of a dehydrated pea. I can now only write about immediate or devastating incidents. Here's my top seven events of December 2012 in the Philippines.

#7 - End of the World

Of course it didn't happen, which makes it devastating for those who fanatically preached repentance and preparation. Don't worry. There's another end of the world slated for February 2013 so the public can panic some more and Hollywood producers can create another scientifically inaccurate doomsday movie.

By the way, didn't we all get the memo? God says only He knows when. Except of course if you're the leader of a secretive nation that may be manufacturing weapons of mass destruction, in which case, you'd know the approximate time.

#6 - Sin Tax Law Implementation

I saw people cry on New Year's eve, not because they were moved by their resolutions to live better lives, but because this year, alcohol and tabacco products will be more expensive. Some will have to learn to drink in more refined ways: tea, coffee or juice with drops of brandy or vodka in tiny porcelain cups. Sadly, that won't be enough. The streets will be filled with seemingly rabid humans experiencing withdrawal symptoms. 

#5 - Reproductive Health Bill Signed into Law

We argued over whether or not it was an act of mass murder to use latex to hamper the passage of sperm cells, and whether or not the government had done its best to populate the country's mountains and forests to curb urban overpopulation. The issue eventually zeroed in on the role of women. Some lobbied to allow us to perform our natural duty as baby factories until menoupause or death, whichever comes first, but then they lost by a slim margin.

Enrile vs. Santiago. A gift of boxing gloves for Christmas would have made the difference.
 #4 - Pacquiao's Defeat by Marquez

A stunned nation watched Pacquiao sleeping on the job for the first time. Needless to say, it was so shocking that it gave birth to fistfights of other sorts: Mommy Dionisia vs. Christians of other denominations and Justine Bieber vs. anti Bieber congressmen. It has yet to be determined who has less tact and refinement, Mommy D or Bieber.

#3 - Ms. Universe runner up Janine Tugonon

In a country where beauty pageants and rocket science are synonyms, Janine's near win became yet again another event to analyze the crap out of. I'm sure there is now a 500-page official report on why we lost again. Really though, in this modern day and age, shouldn't pageants already be banned like the Inquisition?

#2 - Hundreds Injured in Holiday Revelry

This year, more than 700 have been injured by firecrackers. At least two children have died after being hit by stray bullets. Not funny. I feel now more than ever that every city needs a Mayor Duterte of sorts.

#1 - Pablo's Wrath

The typhoon that struck Mindanao this year claimed hundreds of lives. While it certainly is noteworthy to suspend criticism to give way to relief efforts, it's vital to resume critical evaluation at some point. Over and above preparatory steps, shouldn't we now be moving towards preventive and adaptive measures?

The tail end of the year had a sorrowful pallor to it which has blunted my humor pen. Here's hoping there'll be more to laugh about in 2013.


  1. It was indeed a busy December. There's also Donnaire's win the week after Pacquiao lost. Typhoon Pablo did leave a sting this month with all the casualty and damages.

  2. I will just remember 2012 for the good happened on that year. The winning of Janine is included.

  3. It has been a great year despite the tragedies that have happened. At least, I'm happy coz the world didn't end as predicted. :) I'm also happy that the RH Bill and Sin Tax Law have been passed. Hooray! :)


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