Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wannabe Travel Host's Indahag-Mapawa River Trek

Indahag-Mapawa Cagayan de Oro River Trek

As a teen, I always wanted to be the host of a travel or history show. Sadly, I was blessed with such generous amounts of vertical insignificance (in other words, I was/am short) and frightful facial features that can scare even rabid dogs into sanity that my dream became as likely as life on Pluto.

Aspiring TV personalities of today are more fortunate because society has become more tolerant of hosts who can't fit into Ms. Universe bikinis. As long as you've got something else going for you in place of a beauty queen's famished look, like, let's say, brains, charm and one heck of a marketing team to counteract your dorkiness, then there's a chance you'll find your audience.

Also, there's YouTube. Every Tom, Dick, Harry and his dog has a channel. It has become fashionable to conspicuously display one's  talent, expertise or foolishness in full color HD.

So I suppose I still have a shot. So here's my first video of my Indahag-Mapawa River Trek to Mintugsok Falls with the Cagayan de Oro Bloggers. This doesn't quite count as a hosting stint though because you won't actually see or hear me talk. I was so busy with the act of self-preservation (i.e. hanging for dear life from near vertical mountain edges and navigating slippery boulders with my ass) that I couldn't shoot any speaking parts.

In any case, you'll see in white text what I would have said if I actually hosted an episode of my travel show.


  1. Other members of my family want to spend the holidays in CDO. But I understand that CDO was recently hit by a typhoon, right?
    I hope people in the area are safe.


  2. Wow, nice video! I'd been wanting to do something like that for a project, something like a campaign video.

    Anyway, whatever you published is sooo true! Even bloggers now have a chance to be superstars, models and designers!

  3. I've never been to Mapawa! Gahh. I feel somewhat ashamed.


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