Monday, May 14, 2012

A Series of Unfortunate Events – Santiago, Barretto, Tulfo Airport Brawl

Claudine Barretto NAIA scuffle
Talk about unflattering angles.

Last week’s alarming news that Chinese ships were patrolling Scarborough (Panatag) Shoal was promptly eclipsed by the tussle that transpired over the airport floor. Instead of updates about the conflict with China, we were assaulted by replays of a rumble that had been shown in every conceivable angle, left, right, over and under.

The video of the scuffle had so often been repeated, I can now almost memorize the size of Claudine’s hips as they appeared on the clip. It was more than a mere fist fight, mind you. There were legs, feet and other body parts flying in violence everywhere, which probably explains its greater mass appeal over serious discussions about our diplomatic relations with China.

Like a record in perpetual loop, the story repeats itself in our heads. Cebu Pacific offloads the luggage of showbiz couple Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago. Barretto confronts ground staff and is photographed in the act by broadcaster Mon Tulfo. The couple face off with Tulfo and a fight ensues. The scene is so violent, it should have found its way into the final cut of the Hunger Games.

Santiago wraps his arm around Tulfo and we are treated to the sight of Barretto’s generous backside as she and her friend descend upon their prey to pound an all natural patch over his eye.

The series of unfortunate events don’t end there. Because of what happened, Santiago’s children are in a state of shock, the berated clerk is in a sad emotional state, security guards may lose their jobs and Tulfo’s broadcaster brothers were suspended over public threats against the couple.

At the end of it all, they’re all more traumatized than nuns in a Lady Gaga concert, so much so that they all now require counseling, probably including the executives of TV5 who have temporarily lost a show and 3 anchors.

Enter netizens who, since the birth of social media, now feel the urge to constantly display their knack for bad grammar, lack of breeding and abundant ignorance in the guise of exercising their right to their opinions --- “Tulfo s sach a jerk. Santiago must bows to his olders and Barretto should keep away from extra rice.”

My take in all this? Suspend judgment. You weren’t there. You didn’t see it. You weren’t involved and even if you were, there’s no telling if you’d act in a less disgraceful manner or if you’d look more videogenic than Barretto. We should all just donate some cash for the purchase of a CCTV camera for the airport.

While we were all glued to this drama by the way, did anyone notice that new Chinese flag flying over Panatag Shoal?


  1. Good point. And yeah, I highly doubt those meddlesome netizens would look more telegenic.

  2. Claudine has every right to get mad but to belittle other people is way overboard!

  3. Not actually sure who to believe.. But I got my own opinion, too. :-)

  4. I hear ya! Better divert all those negative energy and emotion into something proactive and worthwhile undertakings.:)

  5. I dont like Claudine. yun lang! LOl :)

  6. Hmmm, this has gone overboard. Nakakahiya lang... =(

  7. our country is full of unexpected events and i hope it will all turn well.

  8. I did not expect Claudine Baretto to act that way...but since she's just human, we can't blame her hthough

  9. Now this is something new or old. So who's really fault it is.

  10. i agree, so many starring roles in all the social media hype recently. whatever angle you look at it, this is not a civil exercise.

  11. I agree that suspending judgment is better as what we all read can be classified as hearsay.

  12. Hello Grace:
    We have discovered your intelligently witty blog quite by chance and we are delighted to have arrived. It is so true that the Media of today have the uncanny knack, the world over, of focussing on the most trivial of issues whilst burying without trace the real'news' of the day. How beautifully you have captured this in this carefully crafted piece.

    We have signed ourselves as Followers and, perhaps unlike the nuns at the Lady Gaga concert, we shall be back for more!

    1. Wow. Thanks Jane and Lance. I'm glad you liked my mental handiwork. I shall definitely be writing more. I'm a humor writer in training :D


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