Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pirates Know Their Synonyms

Study your synonyms so you'll know how to say things in a way that won't get you into trouble.

Jan and I were in the mall when he asked me for another word for "transformers". I thought, was that even a legitimate word? I was stumped. He showed me the answer sitting on a toy shelf. Wow, these pirates get brighter by the day. Now they know enough synonyms to ride on a trademarked hit without getting themselves into trouble.

Then again, they won't ever get into trouble here even if they used the actual trademarked word and maybe just changed "T" to "Z". I've never witnessed the law against piracy enforced in this city. I don't know if there is a Philippine law against toy piracy but there is one against media piracy and merchants still sell in broad daylight, beside or across police stations. If DVD pirates have nothing to worry about, then more so their synonym-wielding pals in the toy niche.


  1. Yes the Pinoy can! Ahem, no worries ma'am, they'll be obsolete way before the last video rental store is torn down to make a new starbucks since most people just download directly or watch online anyway! :D

  2. i like 'fake' restaurants, too. like istarbaks and mcdok. i used to go to this laundry shop called kosh kosh ayosh. ::P

  3. Right Mary, I forgot, media piracy is online now and a lot harder to put a clamp on :D

    Sandy, that just got me thinking... Pinoys seem to be better at putting creative spins on trademarked names than pirates in neighboring countries. Hehe


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