Saturday, August 27, 2011

Now On To Some Unpleasant Business

EXERCISE is a lot like paying taxes. It’s an unpleasant experience.

Yes, I am trying to lose weight and attempting the near impossible task of getting my muscles toned. Although this isn’t really for aesthetic reasons, I must say that’s not entirely a bad idea. I’ve grown so big I now look like an over eagerly packed spring roll in my old pants. I now sadly share my husband’s waistline, and occasionally, his pants.

But the real reason why I have to struggle to stay fit is because my blood sugar levels are high, my cholesterol levels are high and I am highly susceptible to diseases with names that sound like they were invented for a Harry Potter prequel. I wish they’d said I was high in methane, but no, it had to be those things.

I probably won’t be buying the Ab Rocket anytime soon though. Imagine putting out a great deal of effort to exercise and it’s the waiter who slims down.


  1. I seem to be finding myself checking your blogs regularly. :D
    How about joining me at body basics for an hour of belly dancing? It's an exercise that actually requires a little belly fat to get jiggly. :D I just started today and man I though Boxing was hard!

  2. Hmmm. Yeah, you've been here a lot lately. Haha. Not busy? Nah-ah belly dancing. Not my thing. I prefer the imaginary crunches :D

  3. Oh I am at constant battle with complacency, which is a dragon that just won't die btw. Right now I'm working on doing stencil art for one of my family's resto businesses. But I'm also trying to worm my way back to Manila, though I'm in no real rush since I like being here. If you'd like to commission me for some one of a kind artwork for you humble abode, act now! ;D

  4. :D Well my humble abode is unfortunately not mine so I can't have my way with it yet but I'll definitely get in touch if I need some art stuff done on other things :)


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