Wednesday, July 13, 2011

No Money In This Book's Leaves

I was in the local bookstore the other day looking for Tim Ferriss’ “The 4-Hour Workweek” for some business related research I needed to do. The sales clerk proceeded to ask me if that was “4,” “Four,” or “For” and if that was “Ferriss” as in “Ferris wheel.” Finally, after much swapping of letters that would have lost both of us the national pre school spelling bee, the clerk declared, “It’s out of stock.”

I had my doubts, but I did not request for a spelling rematch. I had decided right away that I had a spare Php 300 because over at the fiction shelf was Miguel Syjuco’s Ilustrado.

Long before I set off to attempt to crack the secret code to earning a fortune online, my interest lay in literature, the kind that pureed your brains, gave you a nosebleed and left you depressed. Not that Syjuco’s masterpiece is anything of that sort, but I’ve only really just started reading it.

It’s been four years since I’ve picked up anything of this sort. Since I had kids, money books made better sense because, for lack of a kinder term, they simplified life in no uncertain terms. Learn what sells and learn to sell or your kids starve.

So why am I cheating on my kids, reading a book that doesn’t teach you how to make money? I’m convinced my uninterrupted running after money has left me dumb and dumber. Soon I might also lose my character.

I’m on a vacation from trying to make more money, at least for a couple of hours, prepared to drown either in my cup of overpriced tea or in Ilustrado’s pages, whichever comes first.


  1. "I’m convinced my uninterrupted running after money has left me dumb and dumber. Soon I might also lose my character."

    Ma'am Grace, I'd like to quote you on this one of these days, to figuratively slap some faces. Apparently, you're not dumb, but I can see this taking effect in so many people around me.

    Looking forward to your assessment of the book! Enjoy your break! =)

  2. Miracle you wouldn't believe how horrible I've been feeling. Four years or so of running after money and progressively losing my mind.

  3. I've read the book. I'm sure it'll be a treat for you. My copy is currently with Jee Ann and I hear she's enjoying it too. Sandy may have already read it and loved it. It made ME very conscious of how dumb I may be towards palanca award winning Lit, "that which are made by people that only their own asses can understand", which is my favorite Ma'am Grace quote ever. Still, I have to say it was worth the money. Ever try reading Ebooks or Audiobooks Ma'am? They're cheaper or free to download and you can listen to an audiobook when you're at home and multitasking. Neil Gaiman listens to them while he exercises and from what I hear, he's in great shape and consistently intellectual. ;-) -MaryFGR

  4. My boss recommends those audio books Mary but the experience is just different. Haha. Maybe I just need to get used to them :) As for ebooks, I don't have a kindle or ipad yet and I hate reading ebooks on my PC

  5. I agree nothing can ever take the place of reading a good book in your hands and turning the pages, but audiobooks can be fun too, especially if the narrators are funny and cool sounding (I'm sure James earl Jones has a reading of Edgar Allan Poe's works out there somewhere). And if not audiobooks, try podcasts. I'm currently listening to the great Stephen Fry's podseries while I'm working and it's great to listen to the calming sounds of his british accent and highly intellectual (I think) way of talking about different random subjects. Check him out if you have some free time. :-) -Maryfgr

  6. Ting! Mary you just gave me an idea. Maybe I have a future doing audio recordings. Hehe. Another idea to park for another day :)

  7. Waha I would pay to listen to you read anything Bronte.
    ;-D -MaryFGR

  8. True, the part about books|pages being irreplaceable. Just the feel of paper makes me happy already. [LOL NGaiman mental image of running on a treadmill listening to Neruda Poetry ala Madonna. LOL lol LOL!]

    I haven't read 'anything' lately either - it's so sad. My vocabulary's been reduced to customized smileys and acronyms. [See above.] I read Ilustrado a few months ago though. 'Twas good, but IMHO not really as much a society novel as everyone says it is.

  9. Wow Sandy. You say your vocabulary's been reduced but that's okay. What I love about you is you still have your own opinion. I can't make up my mind with Ilustrado and why it won... haha

    The trouble now that I'm starting to read again is the temptation to never go back to activities that make me money :D


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