Wednesday, July 27, 2011

From Aseroh With Love

I’m a blog addict. The invisible player in my head starts playing “Singin’ in the Rain” when I start customizing themes, widgetizing sidebars and activating plugins, but navigating blogging platforms is the farthest I can go. When techies start going on about PHP, JavaScript, Pearl, MySQL and such, my eyes glaze over. Computer was, after all, one of my subjects of doom in high school.

That’s why when my host started emailing me about backing up my own databases, I dismissed him as a relic from the Tower of Babel. Unfortunately, my inability to decipher tech speak led to me nearly getting killed by a virtual tsunami.

Over the weekend, my sites were stripped clean, hundreds of pages, thousands of visitors, thousands in income, gone with a click of a mouse. The perpetrator who took away three years worth of hard work left his calling card on one of my homepages with the obvious advice, “You must be better next time.”

A thousand thoughts raced through my numb neurons, most of them gibberish, but I had the energy to at least wonder why hackers do what they do. My friend says there are white hats who stick warning notes on poorly secured servers. The black hats are the ones with motivations that are harder to figure out.

Caesar had a reason for crossing the Rubicon. Superman had a reason for going against good judgement and wearing briefs like a highlighter over tights. Heck, even Robert Pattinson probably had a reason for agreeing to portray a one dimensional character in perpetual need of a bath. So why, why, why are there black hats who just break things?

I was a kid who lost a lollipop over the weekend. I wonder if the one who took it is happy now.


  1. Oh geez, what a lowlife. I'm so sorry Ma'am, I hope you didn't lose all your virtual valuable. I hope the scumbag who did this to you gets an excessive amount of karma.

  2. Thanks Mary. Yeah, I have to rely on the universe to get back at him :D The good news is that I managed to restore everything on my own with very little tech help. Everyone said it was impossible to do but I still found a way. Yey!

    Hey aren't you doing some tech stuff too these days? I heard from your artist cousin who runs that printing shop near DV :)

  3. Ah more design work than tech. I redesigned my parent's website for their business but the programmers are doing all the tech work to my relief. All the more that I am impressed with your moxie, gumption and chutzpa. ;-D

  4. Oh well I have nothing better to do... :D

  5. yea you're only the mother of two children and husband, if not also the very glue holding your household together. ;-)

  6. Ahaha. Yeah not much work there at all :D


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