Monday, May 16, 2011

Tween Romance With Pimples On The Side

My six-year old kid has developed a liking for a tween-oriented Sunday show. When I’m not snoring away to recuperate from my endless quest for financial survival (if that quest were equivalent to physical exercise, I’d have washboard abs), I get to watch snippets of the show with her.

It’s a lot like watching a visual scientific exposition of the life, death and multiplication of acne. Every forehead and cheek shot is an insight into the oily bane of adolescents. Other than that, I didn’t think the show had any more biology lessons to teach my daughter.

Yesterday, she asked me if the cute pockets of acne in her favorite show were boyfriends and girlfriends. I missed a beat.

It’s not just the show that taught her the concept of romantic relationships. In our neighborhood, adults already have “pairs” in mind for their kids. In fact, my 2nd child, who still has more gum than teeth, already has his pair. In school, the more astute little kids, just a year out of their diapers and now missing front teeth, already steal kisses.

They start so early.

I never like lying to my girl. When she asks sensitive questions, I like to stick as close to the truth as possible. Of course, I still really wish she’d just ask me about the life cycle of Propionibacterium acnes.


  1. Y'know ma'am, I'm actually very curious to know what your opinion is on giving "the talk" when your kids get older. I admire that you are one of the more practical and worldly adults I know, so it just makes me wonder how that would affect your feelings towards sex education. I just thought I'd ask. Sex education was my college thesis topic so I'm very familiar with the subject and just wanted to know what you thought being you and being a mother.

  2. Is that you Mary? Or maybe someone else. Mary couldn't have written about sex education for her thesis since that's not exactly aligned with her course. Haha.

    Believe it or not, I've thought about this already and I've decided to be honest. But I'm hoping the topic will hatch out of a question about how babies are made. That's easier to tackle rather than her asking me about it because she saw something on T.V. or God forbid elsewhere...

    I'll tell her this is what has to be done for babies to happen and actually, I've opened up the topic a bit. She asked me why females have menstrual cycles and I told her that happens when the eggs in out tummies don't form into babies. So maybe a couple of years from now, I'll explain the other part. Heheh

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  4. Ahhh! The influential of media over the young's not a wonder that cases of pre-marital sex and abortion have increased in percentage in the Philippine society.

  5. Oo Grabe gyud ang hatak sa media Tyra.

    Thanks for dropping by :)


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