Monday, May 2, 2011

Mall Rats and Mall Horses

Malls are marvelous inventions of modern society. They’re like the Swiss Army knives of life. You can do almost anything in a mall--- shop, eat, work, take a nap while sitting through two hours of Richard Guttierez’s stoned/stony/stone age movie acting. Despite initial objections, Catholics can now also pray in malls in the midst of worldly allures.

One of the more recent additions to mall services are play areas. Now you can drop your kids like bags in a baggage counter and claim them with a numbered card after an hour of shopping. I do that all the time. After all, I only have two arms and two lungs, not enough to lift 30 kilos worth of kids through endless aisles of merchandise.

The all in one play areas are the best options to deposit little people with short attention spans because these places have varieties of diversions to choose from. Specialty play pens with shorter play minutes have been offering good competition though. These are perfect pit stops for parents who just need to make a trip to the loo.

One of the more popular specialty play areas here offers stuffed horseback rides. This one I find a little disturbing. Just like I’ve never really warmed up to masses in malls, there’s just something odd about fake animals in malls.

I’m not over analyzing this. It just feels weird. I was lucky enough to have ridden a real horse as a child. I’m not sure if my kids will ever be able to ride more than stuffed animals. That’s sad.


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  2. Hi, mana nako add you blog check nalang ani nga link.

    Thanks and Nice to meet you.

  3. Hi Philip. I'll add your link taod taod pud ha. Work ko kadali then I'll start adding links ;)

  4. i totally agree with you. the play areas and all are cool, but there are just stuff that are plainly creepy. In SM baguio there's this sort of trike which is pulled by doll like farm children; boys and girls who look more like the devil's spawn than anything else.

  5. Whoa James. Those I have to see. Yeah I'm kinda imagining how unusual those would look like.

  6. Hey Ma'am there are some places you could take your kids to go horsebackriding someday nearby. I know a place just near SM and a couple in Bukidnon near my Aunt's hotel if you're visiting.
    And honestly I find the horses at ketkai charming and makes me wish I was a kid again so I could race my other friends on them...
    Oops, I guess I've already done that. ;-D

  7. Ah this must be you Mary. I know you like those stuffed things in Ketkai. I saw you ride one of their relatives. Haha.

    Well honestly, I don't dislike them too much. It's just that I grew up in Baguio with lots of live horses and riding them didn't make me all warm and sweaty... I mean I just miss those days in Baguio :)

  8. Hee. I don't even bother to leave my name anymore because I know our bond is just that strong! (X<) 8
    Haha, I just keep forgetting to do it.
    Hmm, I've never been to Baguio yet I think. Now I imagine it's a land of lush green mountains teeming with wild herds of stallions...

  9. Um, not really. Hehe. I heard it's now full of smog as well. But they've got a nice park with live horses in it :)


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