Monday, April 4, 2011


My daughter just wrapped up her first year of school. Whew! One year down, 15 more to go of sleeplessness, financial juggling, project-making and time mismanagement.

Predictably, schools have their ways of making parents feel glad that they went through all that stress, distress and duress. My kid’s school had a special awards day. Their teacher was so considerate and understanding of what we’d gone through that she gave all 55 or so pupils in her grade level a special award. They should have called it the common awards because there’s nothing special about something that everyone’s got.

I suspect that the teacher must have had a really hard time. Aside from having had to think of multiple synonyms to respectful, diligent, helpful and everything nice until she got 55 awards, she also had the monumental task of rationalizing each award.

My daughter was awarded Most Obedient. That was after she snuck out of class after I told her to stay put. She only made it in time to the ceremony thanks to a harassed teacher assistant who managed to locate her without a tracking device and drag her and one other deserter to their proper places.

A couple of other parents commented that their kids’ awards appeared to be positive takes on gray character traits. That led to a panel discussion among the more humorous parents.

This is what your kid’s awards might really mean:

  • Most Energetic – Your kid can’t stay put and is the reason why his teacher’s curly hair is now straight
  • Best in Performing Arts – Your kid loves to dance on top of tables and impersonates the teacher behind her back
  • Most Well-Groomed – You or the nanny is obsessive compulsive or has a phobia for dirt, the exact term for which your kid will never ever get to spell correctly, ever
  • Most Resourceful – Your kid can figure out how to give his classmates a black eye with a paper clip

Of course, we were just kidding. We all really love and appreciate our kids, even those who seem to redefine their special awards.


  1. Sadly, ma'am they still do this kind of thing even when you're a college senior.
    On a graduation dinner held in my college dorm, everyone was given "awards" to commemorate their graduating. I got "Most creative" while others got titles like "Most Sassy" and "Most Crushed".
    Just teach your lil' dickens how to wave and smile before jumping off the stage and discarding the award as discreetly as possible.


  2. :D "...discarding the award as discreetly as possible." Haha. Good one


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