Monday, February 14, 2011

There’s a Fly in My President

Noynoy AquinoA couple of weeks ago Archbishop Oscar Cruz revealed that two powerful groups (distributors of political steroids, no doubt) have decided to flex their well-oiled, influential muscles and kick President Aquino off his seat. My eyeballs rolled involuntarily when I heard that and as I struggled to regain control of my organs, the distraught Pinoy in me whispered, “Here we go again.”

Cruz says Aquino’s incompetence has diminished his cutie points considerably. Well, in the seven months he’s been on the helm, lives have been lost, justice has been denied and the dumb have grown dumber. Also, the belt-tightening has grown so extreme that I now have the waistline of a waif. Two more inches tighter and I’ll qualify as a supermodel.

I wonder who they think is a better fit. The last time we raised our hands and complained, “Waiter, there’s a fly in my president,” we got served a chipmunk with a penchant for the shiny baubles in our coffers. Sadly, those who complained a second time to the waiter were thrown into jail. Apparently, exchange policies for tarnished presidents are valid for only one swap.

I don’t think we’ll ever get one who owns a magic stone he can swallow to turn him into a caped champion of the masses who can drag goons to limbo by their nose hairs, make oil companies drop to their knees, force politicians to do the public a favor by drowning themselves in their own dirt and whip the trash in the Pasig River into gold. For now, all we have is this president who seems to be losing the loyalty of his hair follicles and who might be having a hard time grasping the full scope of his work; but would you really rather have another economic genius with itchy palms?


  1. wala pa nga siyang isang taon sa termino niya pero gusto na ng iba na pababain si aquino sa pwesto. ang dami nilang sinasabi, sila kaya magpatakbo ng pilipinas?


  2. Haha. Korek ka diyan. Sa totoo lang sa tingin ko kahit sino pa ang maupo may mag rereklamo parin kesyo ganito kesyo ganyan...

  3. Hehe. I'm glad you agree Linnor :)

  4. Can't we go back to a monarchy?
    Seperate into three kingdoms.
    The royal accessories and weddings would be gorgeous, plus we'd get to see the pope more often.
    And hey, beheadings! Counter-reformations! plagues! Knights! Dragons-slaying!
    Let's do it! :-D

  5. Ahahaha. So much better eh Mary? Gasp! Your name is perfect for a monarch... :)

  6. reminds me of the tibak system here. it's amazing that they never stop fighting for student rights, but at the same time you wonder when, if, they're ever going to be satisfied.

    PS missg, your name's pretty monarch-like, too.

  7. Uh, really Sandy? Monarch-like? ehehe. i've heard others say it kinda sti...

  8. Been a while since I have dropped by.
    It's always nice to read from your blogs. I felt like dropping by because of a recent note I made.

    Anyhoo, I don't really trust the media and politics. It's like looking at the world with one eye. That extra dimension is gone. truth is distorted and soap operas get lamer(deemed once as impossible).

    Hence, I have withdrawn into the worlds around me which is anywhere within 3km of my location...


    I'm not very affectionate or touchy feely, but if there is a part of my high school that I do not hate and actually miss, it would be you Ma'am (cue the crying and long distance hug charges). Hope ur doing ok (wherever you are).

    btw, Ma'am, I keep forgetting your name in FB. Plese visit my FB and check out my note about me running for president of the xU CSG. Thank you!

  9. awwhhhh. ehehehe. thanks cuttlefish... and your views are growing in dimension by the day, hehe.

    FB? hmmm. i honestly still hate it but work has forced me to make an account ewwww... i'll look you up.


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