Monday, November 15, 2010

Where The Money Is

Technically, I failed lots of subjects in high school, those that formed the basis for profitable careers: algebra, physics, entrepreneurship, chemistry and, uh, P.E. (think Pacquiao, Nadal, Jordan, Woods). I was probably allowed to graduate either because I had top notch group mates who pulled my grades up or I had teachers who dreaded encountering my redefinitions of their subjects' core principles for another year. I argued that x+y=depression and that entrepreneurship meant tricking your grandmother into buying female hair loss products.

In college, my interests remained largely unprofitable. I excelled in ancient history, art appreciation, sociology, theology, classical literature and community service. Instead of imagining enterprising ventures like my classmates I imagined riding the Starship Enterprise or living in castles in the air.

I'd probably be doing great if I decided to pursue a career in the nunnery but a contract signed before a judge has already made sure I'll never escape the secular world with all its persistent concerns of making enough money to put milk in bottles and upstart kids to school. I badly need to educate myself differently. More importantly, I need to teach my kids to think differently before they follow my ship and hit an iceberg.

Fortunately, a fall into a rabbit hole has brought me into the world of internet marketing where everyday I get to sip tea with mad marketers who know where the money is. I just need to get more infected with whatever they have to get over the kind of upbringing that somehow makes making money so scary.

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