Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Look Of Greed

My husband told me the other week that if you typed mukhang pera ka (loosely translates to: you're a gold digger or greedy for money) in YouTube without the quotes you'll get the face of the former Philippine president Arroyo. The clip with her face on it has dropped to the sixth spot today but it's still on page one in YouTube.

Arroyo has it easy actually. I remember many years ago that if you typed miserable failure into Google, you'd get the then U.S. president Bush's page on the first spot! Fortunately for Bush, Google came to the rescue and removed him from his perch before he started fermenting in rotten tomatoes.

How do these things happen?

The Arroyo clip is apparently one of only very few clips to which the phrase mukhang pera ka is associated with so naturally when you search for it, you get her. In Bush's case, it's all thanks to search engine optimization (SEO). Hordes of unhappy Americans simply banded together and linked to his page using miserable failure as anchor text. They figured they couldn't just throw sticks and stones at the White House so they did it with virtual sticks, which, by the way, are perhaps now more damaging than real ones.

Incidentally, Google is still the biggest search engine and on the second spot is YouTube, which is actually also owned by Google. It's nice to know world leaders are dominating the engines for search phrases.


  1. Hey Ma'am! Was that you at Teriyaki Boy I saw once? You were with ur husband and daughter?

  2. haha. yeah we ate there. i saw you you know but couldn't catch your eye. you were gone in a flash. :) you looked good :)

  3. haha! i wonder when will Noy's image appear when you type hepatitis.hehehe

  4. hehe. pwede una ka nang gumawa ng vid don. hehe


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