Monday, July 5, 2010

Do I Taste Funny?

My brother told me I should wake up and smell the flowers. I did and I got allergies.

There! That’s exactly what some people don’t like about me. They think I’m too negative and that I will eventually attract all the universe’s negative forces, cause a planetary collision and forever eradicate my chances of happiness, peace and a group date with the care bears.

If I were to change, would that mean just cutting off a limb or growing facial hair? Will I still be myself or will I be one of Barney’s friends tomorrow?

This may or may not be who I am. I don’t know. If I can’t figure out basic multiplication (I still use my fingers), how can I figure out myself right this very minute?

There are others who find my acerbic flavor funny. I make them laugh and I make myself laugh. This is all really just for fun. I think the key to stay intact is to never use muriatic acid for marinating.


  1. Hey, Ma'am G!
    It's been a while.

    Would you curse me to oblivion if I said I find you funny? Or actually... refreshing. There aren't a lot of critical *cynical, ehem, cynical* people in the world, and society needs more of your genius, methinks.

  2. Thank you, thank you Sandy. That really made me feel better. Har har. Seriously, that did make me feel better :) ... people telling me to change you know because they say I'll never get anywhere for being negative but I'm not sure they understand this is fun for me...

  3. Your wit reminds me of Salman Rushdie's, and I find something very positive in your negativity and it would be rather sad if you changed. =) May I suggest smelling something else other than flowers?hehe

    It feels nice to be in your nook again, Ma'am.

  4. thanks TM. i have an Australian friend and she seems to get my humor but very few of my Filipino friends do. i wonder why. must be a cultural thing... but I'm glad you like it. hehe


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