Saturday, May 8, 2010

Motherhood Smile On Me

Baby FeetI read somewhere that women in Canada are given a year’s maternity leave, three months of which are paid. After a year, they can expect to have a job waiting for them. Wow!

It isn’t so bad here. Mothers get roughly two months off for normal deliveries or a little more than that after C-sections. The female body doesn’t take long to get up and running after childbirth. What’s really difficult is the separation. I remember crying when I had to leave my first baby to get back to work at which point my father-in-law took me to task and reminded me that I had to pull myself together and work for milk, diapers and seventeen years of tuition fees.

Two years after I gave birth to my eldest child, I decided to go freelance, a term I prefer to use for picking odd tasks in a constant state of panic to make ends meet. So by the time I gave birth to my second child, the situation was a bit different. I had another C-section but I couldn’t take time off from my laptop. I was hooked back to my virtual dextrose only after a few days in the hospital. I swear I could feel my intestines jiggling to the tune of Jingle Bells as I typed away.

Within a few days, my stitches popped and I nearly fainted. The doctor assured me that an ingrown nail with a sprinkling of nail fungi on the side was a far worse condition than my dislodged stitches but I just couldn’t help myself. One part of my wound was pouting like a pale lip. At night I dreamt of my gut and the possibility of finally getting intimately acquainted with them through Emperor Palpatine’s cavity infested grin on my belly.

But I survived and that belly grin is settling into a smiley smudge, a reminder that I have a lot to be thankful for even if I don’t live in Canada. I’m a live mother to two live, happy, healthy babies who still love me even if they can talk to me sensibly only on weekends after I’ve come off of my internet dependence.


  1. happy mom's dad, ma'am g!
    it's funny how quickly time flies - i still remember the day you walked into 1Patience as a sub and we were all shocked when you told us you were married. Haha! And now you've got your kids... ;;X

    happy mday, in behalf of the several batches of campobv staffers you've handled. i miss campobv days ::(

  2. whoa, that was an interesting typo! i meant, happy mom's day! ::D

  3. thank you thank you. i still get shocked sometimes when i realize i'm a mom. those moments of enlightenment usually come when i get fished out of a dream because someone needs his dose of milk :)

  4. Heya Ma'am Grace! It's been a while!
    Belated Happy Mother's day to you!
    I'm sure when the kids are a bit older they'll be giving you the whole bed in breakfast and handmade presents treatment. Them's the Perks.
    Btw, the way you described your belly grin made me think of that scene in ALIEN when the thing burst out of that one person's belly. Yet that thought was still less frightening than your allusion to your scar as Palpatine's grin.
    Thanks for giving me chills. I can't wait to be a mom.
    :)Miss you like crazycakes!

  5. hey! i love your posts!

    ...will surely be following you!
    have a great weekend!

    xoxo, fickle

  6. Mary thanks for the greeting. Great to hear from you again. I can't wait for you to be a mother! You'll be one of the coolest I'm sure ;)

    Fickle, thanks for visiting.


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