Friday, February 5, 2010

The Nanny

I don’t like the idea of getting hired help. This is not because I am too finicky. I just hate the idea of hiring someone who has to stop going to school so she can work. I feel guilty that I seem to have an unfair and unfortunate advantage over someone. Hiring help here seems almost like enslaving someone especially since the wage for nannies isn’t enough to pay for a pair of Levi’s jeans.

I am in a rock and a hard place. It’s either I send her back home so she can go back to school or I stop working so I can take care of my kids myself. If I stop slaving over a keyboard my family will go hungry. So what will it be?

I wish I lived in a country where education is a right and not a privilege and where married moms with kids can work without having to hire out of school youth.


  1. Huh, I hope your new hired help is a nice person. I think she's very fortunate to have a considerate boss like you. Maybe some of your intellect and hard knox education will rub off on her and dispel some of her naivete. :-)
    Kids seem to like her at least.

  2. yup they love her but if it weren't for the fact that i really need her help, i'd love for her to go back to school

  3. ma'am g,

    i'm not sure if i'm being heartless by saying this, but i think the best you can do at this point is be nice to her. i think, even if she went home to 'study', she probably won't be able to.

    maybe she'll have the chance to do so once your children grow up - if she reaaaaallly wants to - or maybe she's like our house help, 16, who isn't in school despite the fact that we're pushing her to study while working.

    point: stay nice.

  4. well actually, what i wanted to say was that kids like her and your nanny don't want to study precisely because they grew up in a society/family/community that didn't help them see value in it. i wish we had a society where kids would be eager to go to school just because... and school was freely available and there were no parents asking them to take days off from school so they can work in the fields...

    um, don't know if i was able to really say what i wanted to say. haha


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