Friday, February 5, 2010

The Game’s Afoot

The first national automated elections is three months away and with impeccable timing, problems have come gushing in with the force of class VI whitewater rapids. For the first time, those of us who have envisioned our country finally catching up with the rest of the modern world sit down and wonder. Wait a doggone minute. Was there a thorough proposal, a comprehensive study or at least a drinking session among government entities to discuss the applicability of automated polls in the Philippines?

We’re almost done debating (or throwing sticks) over the issue of hacking election results. The most recent issue is signal jamming. Yes, those misfits in power, or any kind of misfit for that matter can jam electronic signals just as well as they can ram concentrated, MSG-flavored lies down our throats. Globe Telecom says, “Aw shucks. No worries. We’ll take care of that.” Yippee! So full automation will push through? Sure, that is if Globe can stretch its arms and declare, “Let there be light.”

My baby’s nanny comes from a province where there is no electricity and no modern wonders. She came to the city and experienced for the first time the magic of electric hand driers, the delight of car doors and the power of toilet pumps. She has yet to explore phantasmagorical electronic thingamajigs like computers and her town has yet to discover the incandescent bulb.

Seeing how far behind we are, only Merlin the magician can whip up full automation in this decade.

*Photo by Maureen CC license


  1. Oh it fits. With automated elections come automated electioneering. Good for the rest of us voting automatons. Haha!

    Hi, Grace. It's been a long time. Hey I think I missed the first internet delivery ever, hehehe. Wait, I noticed -- you are just monetizing your site, right? What with all the Villar banner hyperlinks everywhere.

  2. hey i've missed you.

    it's funny. i woke up one morning and took a look at my blog and villar was all over it. it seems he has been advertising with Google. the horrible thing is, internet advertising is not covered by COMELEC guidelines. snail's pace talaga kung humabol sa technology ang ibang ahensya ng gobyerno. it's as if they don't feel the force of the internet. parang may unfair advantage tuloy si villar


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