Friday, December 4, 2009

Rumor Has Bitten the Tiger

Because I live in the Philippines, I have never met or known of anyone who has a prenuptial agreement. When there are more poor people than ants, a prenup is a word encountered only in the dictionary. Which is why for me, the current development to the Tiger Woods drama is nothing short of strange.

Rumor has it that Tiger had a car accident because his wife, Elin chased him with a golf club and actually managed to smash his windshield. Rumor has it that Elin finally cracked after discovering Tiger’s extramarital transgressions. Rumor has it that Elin is now renegotiating their prenuptial agreement. The initial agreement was for her to receive $20 million after twenty years of marriage. Rumor has it that she’s asking for an outright payment of $5 million and $55 million more to stay with Tiger for two more years.

The numbers alone are staggering but what I find even more perplexing is how anyone can go down on one knee and ask for someone’s hand in marriage with a diamond ring and prenup papers. So much for, “I’ll love you no matter what.” This just supports the theory that romantic love is really a fairytale.


  1. i'm beginning to think that love has evaporated off the face of the earth. which is probably why everyone, me included, finds comfort in romance generated by fanfiction and movies. hmpfh. weeeird.

  2. be careful, romantic fiction is like drugs. you'll feel doubly miserable when you get back to reality. hehe

  3. This is all about fame, power and wealth. Romance outside marriage is not a new story... this is the reason why the word "divorce" is added in the dictionary!

  4. this is another sad fact of life...


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