Thursday, November 19, 2009


I delivered both my babies through CS and both times I received the same pieces of advice from the elders. In true Pinoy tradition, I was told not to take a bath and to avoid all manner of work, including reading, for at least two weeks.

Being a product of my time, I took my doctor’s advice instead and took a bath after three days. Youthful pride however was not my only source of motivation. Every Filipino knows that keeping away from water for more than a week in the Philippines is just about the fastest way to make dreadlocks and to attract all sorts of unmentionable little critters. I had to take a bath.

I also threw the rest of their suggestions out of the window and started tinkering with the laptop as soon as the pain killers kicked in. If you don’t strike while the iron is hot, you’ll either never get Excalibur fashioned or you’ll never get your clothes ironed.

So what did I reap for my lack of faith in the old ways? I got away unscathed the first time but after about a week of disobedience after my second delivery, a couple of my stitches came undone. The sight of fresh, oozing fluids sent me into a cold shock and a fit of vomiting, precipitated more by fear than by squeamishness.

Yes, they told me so and once again it seems they knew what they were talking about. Dreadlocks aren’t half as bad as paranoid dreams of spilled guts and an infection.


  1. Ouch... I hope all's well now, Ma'am. I'll keep these advices when my time comes.


    I have to say this...

    Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh... HE'S SO ADORABLE!!!


  2. hehehe. thanks traveling minstrel

  3. Ma'am G! May I just say that sounds reeeeally painful? Not to mention something straight out of SAW?

    Hope you're better now. And cute baby! ::::D

  4. hell it was painful. it was especially painful 'cause i didn't know i was still supposed to take pain killers. my doctor was shocked when she found out i was already walking around without meds!

  5. OMG! ako nang inanak Grace? weee ka cute! - rocky

  6. hehe. mao na ni siya rocks. pero grabe ako naagian to have him. grabe! worth it man pud :)

  7. Sana ok na ok kana ngayon. Si misis 3 months preggy. Sana makababae naman ako. Maunahan pa ako maging citizen.hehehe. Cute ng baby mo mare..Pagpalain!!


  8. oi pareng zkey! napadaan ka. ang tagal mo na nawala ah! kumusta na ang buhay sa labas. congrats nga pala sa inyo ni missis. oo nga ano, paglabas ng anak mo citizen na kaagad :)

    magsulat ka naman ulit sa blog mo o. gusto rin naman namin basahin yung mga bago mong experiences diyan :)

  9. AHHH! ICKY innard Liquids coming out of your popped stitches! Empathic BLEAGH!

  10. fortunately i was able to pull my guts back in. hehe

  11. This is a reminder for young mothers and Im sure you learned it by heart now. Maybe for the third time, dont take it for granted... On the other hand, what a lovely child!

  12. Hey nins, can't wait to have you back on the blogging scene. I have an idea and I want to discuss it with you first.

  13. hi ragpalizer. musta? thanks. i wonder what the idea is? hehe


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