Monday, September 28, 2009

Like Soft Drink Cans in a Row

To the utter disbelief of some of my friends, I wrote a post here somewhere lauding the work ethics of some government employees. Some people I know still don’t believe that there are some public servants who aren’t made to make life for the public difficult. There are some good bananas among them. I swear.

Recently though, the other side of government employees which my friends are all too familiar with, clouded my eye like a mass of eye boogers (muta for the uninitiated and rheum for the language police). Yes, the picture here is a picture of government employees watching a.) stars fall down from the sky; b.) a basketball game or c.) their reflections on a puddle of water during office hours. To give them the benefit of the doubt, let’s just say they’re having a legitimate break. Wow, so many people on a break all at once, huh? If I’m not mistaken there are three or four floors to this building and they all have people on a “break.” It’s as if there isn’t enough work to go around but taxpayers still have to pay their salaries anyway.

I once thought they looked like birds on an electric wire, preferably a live electric wire, but they also look like soft drink cans all lined in a row. The kind of cans my brother once used for… um… target practice.


  1. this is very apparent in government offices and people like them deserve to be thrown overboard. i hope that the next president can do something about it by eradicating game during office hours or vice-versa or even more than that.

    btw Maam, i migrated to which is far enterprising than wordpress. hehehe. i will still be keeping my old blog running though.

    heres the address of my new blogsite:

  2. hehehe. "enterprising" indeed. that is so true :)

  3. no, seriously, what on earth are they doing?

    and yes, good bananas exist.

    ma'am, your thoughts on obama's nobel?

  4. well i'm not one to question the wisdom of the panel that chose him. i would like to believe they knew exactly what they were doing better than anyone else.

    then again the skeptic in me just can't shake the thought that the nobel was yet again the effect of the obama charm. i don't want to go so far as to say color played a part too. of course it couldn't have been that... i feel he still has to prove that he deserves it

  5. oh and by the way sandy, i know for a fact that your mom and dad are good bananas.

    i also like the people in sss and philhealth. they never seem to stop working and they stick to break limits when and if they can get their breaks. bravo to these bananas


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