Tuesday, September 15, 2009

By the Power of the Bump

I’d forgotten how powerful a baby bump can be. It seems the bigger my baby grows the more I can strut with reckless abandon and expect everyone to clear the way. They really do. All of a sudden I never have to stand in line and people immediately vacate the doughnut stand when they see me coming. My baby plays his part to a tee. His limbs move every which was as if to say, “Move over.”

This only really happens though when I am in a standing position. Although I am due next month, my belly is small and when I sit, I just look like I have a huge beer belly and people have to look twice to confirm my condition and my gender.

I can feel it my bones though. My boy is going to be a little Napoleon of sorts--- all that huffing and puffing in such a small package.


  1. when i was in my mum's tummy, and she was in a jeep, i kicked the man sitting beside her, and he noted my "energy". waahahaha.

  2. haha. well you sure turned out "energetic." i mean after so many years of not sleeping you're still alive :)

  3. grabe rocks as in wala pa gyud and we only have 4 weeks to go. ang original name unta is seth. my hubby likes it pero i'm having second thoughts kay seth baya is the egyptian god of chaos and destruction. hahaha. wisdom ako first child unya ang second kay destroyer lugar?

  4. Hi, Ma'am Grace! God speed your delivery next month and I hope you'll share photos of the little man with us, your readers. Hmmm... another autumnal soul. He and I might even share the same birthday. =)

    Haven't been to your blog due to a broken laptop. Missed your nook!

  5. hi traveling minstrel. you were born in october? hmmm. they say those born in the "ber" months are more... um, challenging to handle. hehehe

    i'm still debating on whether to share pictures or not. you know how paranoid i am when it comes to socializing online. haha.

    i'm sorry i haven't been around your corner lately too. work has been a real killer. when i go on leave though i'll make sure to drop by :)

  6. Oh sorry, I didn't realize this entry was posted on September! That means the little guy is coming out really soon! It's November for me, and yes, "challenging" is indeed the word for it. haha

    See you and your little man and woman around - someday, somehow. =)

  7. By the way, "Soren" might come in handy! ;-)

  8. hehehe. pareho kayo ni gerry na may connection to philosophy ang suggested name. pero his suggestion is philos para daw connected to my daughter's name na sofia.

    i finally gave up on thinking of a name and asked my husband to take charge. he's warming up to seth pero that means my baby will be named after the egyptian god of chaos and destruction. i think soren also means war or thunder. :) thanks for the suggestion though. i think i like it


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