Saturday, August 1, 2009

When Numbers Fail Me

“Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping.”
---Bo Derek

To the utter dismay of my husband, words never failed me, but numbers always did, which allows my husband to get back at me for not failing at words by relying on my inability to compute his exact monetary worth. I wish I could use words to earn tons of cash but in the Philippines, the kind of words I excel in can only earn either impoverished fame or the ire of the politicians with the big guns.

According to, the highest paying jobs all have something to do with math skills. I hope my daughter takes after her father and finishes a course that can actually pay the monthly bills. They say money isn’t the answer to everything but it sure helps to have some.


  1. Im hoping that what im taking right now, ECE, will give me that money that could help me cover my future bills hehehe

  2. believe me fjordan, your course can really pay off in the long run :)

  3. Ahahahahaha, I'm terrible with numbers too.

    Not sure if you know that I took up education and my major is history..unfortunately no one is looking for a history teacher...they are mostly looking for math and science teacher...hmnp, too bad..

    Oh but well I'm a CCA so in a way I'm still able to pay the bills and have fun ^_^.

  4. ay webie education ka pala? at history pa! wala akong degree sa history pero talaga namang adik ako dyan kaya yung isa kong blog puro about history. kawawa tayong mga poor in numbers :)

  5. "money isn’t the answer to everything but it sure helps to have some" <<<--- i totally agree!

    I hope I did choose the right course...

    Oh yeah, ma'am, I'm planning to make a PTC site with the help of some friends. Join ha! It's not much but it is still money.

  6. korak wawa nga tau...but to think of it...

    although i'm not good in numbers i'm good at other things...:P

    I think, LOL!

  7. carmz. you definitely chose the right course. believe me, the money is in the internet. kailangan lang ug hard work. sure i'll join whatever you're cooking up :)

    webie ako magaling sa pagtulog. hehe

  8. thanks! hadluk baya ko kay ako ra nag IT sa among batch. it was so brave of me! haha.

  9. oi di ka dapat mahadlok carmz. you really made the right decision. i tell you if you play your cards right you can really prosper online. plus imo pa gyud ning interest so you will not find it hard to motivate yourself

  10. ma'am grace,

    remember our theory that engineers' daughters suck at math - you, moi, jee ann being perfect examples?

    anyway. i'm taking econ.
    tons of money involved.
    but i've never heard of an economist who was 'rich'.
    living comfortably maybe, but rich?

  11. waaaa. sandy noooooo. huhuhu. i pity my little kid. or maybe i can just push my husband to work like a mule so we can leave her an inheritance instead. hehe

    hey you aren't that bad in math sandy. you did survive KHS and you did graduate with honors. i didn't even get a merit award in high school because of math and physics and we didn't even have calculus then

    i think winnie monsod has lots of cash. isn't she the mistress of Philippine economics? i have no doubt sandy that you'll make it big

  12. wah...buti ko p magaling sa pagtulog...ako hindi! (totoo ito kapatid!)...

    magaling ako sa pagtunganga! wahahahahahaha!

  13. hehehe. ok rin yung nakatunganga webie. paborito ko rin yan gawin pag gasgas na utak ko.

    oi uminom ka ng gatas kapatid para makatulog ka :) ako kasi ngayon nalulong sa gatas dahil buntis kaya ayon magaling matulog :)

  14. thanks for the encouragement ma'am g ::D
    don't get that too often these days. + it's from you!!!

  15. hehe. you're welcome sandy. it's true man pud. i'm sure of it

  16. awww so effective pla un. kc before may nabasa akong news regarding s pag-inom ng gatas sbi nila indi naman totoo ung it helps u sleep rather may sangkap ung gatas para makagising lalo sau..hala ewan...

    how many months k n po?

  17. ay ganon webie? haha. baka nga naman di siya nakakatulong talaga. baka naman mahilig lang talaga ako matulog dahil pagod na sa pagbubuntis. seven months na ako at ang bigat na sa pakiramdam. wala kasing exercise :)


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