Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Facebook Yourself

I once had the misfortune of having had to open a Friendster account for work purposes. If you think, “Well that was fun,” the nonconformist in me was not so amused. Now that the main reason for the account is no longer pressuring me to be falsely amiable and to have a pleasing personality implant, the account has retained the appeal of spit on a wad of tissue. Now I am thankfully back to brooding and plotting the sabotage of primetime telenovelas.

Then I saw him once while I was surfing the net in pathetically continuous waves of boredom and disillusionment. That smooth, pale skin; the outdated glasses and the half a coconut husk haircut diplomatically parted at the side as a compromise were unmistakably his. The air of friendly geekiness gave him away even more.

I would never admit to having a crush because I am a candidate for the yet to be established nonconformist award but he was probably the closest I could get to having one. Strangely, I married someone who is the exact opposite, one who seems more like an over grilled minion of Hades on rehabilitation than ideal husband material.

It’s been more than five years of fantastic culturally rebellious living with my buff, gruff, brown husband. Seeing the geek however has made me think for a fraction of a second of connecting with the other side. After all, they say Facebook is to basil and thyme as Friendster is to Maggi Magic Sarap. The supposedly sophisticated, some of whom have varying sizes of artificial implants, are all in Facebook. Of course, there are also genuine gems I might have the pleasure of meeting there.

I’m not sure. I’ve been getting invitations to open a Facebook account for months and every time I get one, an internal switch makes me blurt, “Facebook yourself.” The geek may not be worth the aggravation.


  1. Hello..thanks for the visit and the comment..

    I happened to open an account on myspace due to school project...hehehe but you on Friendster.. It was really funny...i am not really a big fan of myspace yet i had to or else ill get no grade. i actually like friendster better but Facebook is the best..I found there my long-lost-friends.. Besides, facebook helps a lot in blog networking plus the FB applications are addicting.

    Again..thanks for the visit and the comment..i hope we can xlink. Have a great day...

  2. there's a person on facebook with you're name and our classmates are adding her lol was that you Grace?

  3. hmmm. you may convince me yet chie :) thanks for dropping by

    gasp! no that's not me rachael. definitely not. i haven't opened an account yet. maybe you can tell our classmates that's not me. i'm kinda paranoid about my identity being stolen online. well, i'm paranoid over everything. hehe

  4. "i haven't opened an account yet"
    ~ take note of the yet. haha!

    PS I used to think the same way about facebook but now, less than a month after signing up for an account, i'm hooked. creeepy.

  5. uh-oh. that's scary sandy :)

  6. thanks for the comment at my JDMaBelleverlasting. Babies are always fun and they make us complete. though sometimes kakainis. ehehhehe...

    Ma Belle

  7. @ma'am grace: i agree with sandy. there's a "yet". I know you will have a Facebook account soon! I'll be waiting!
    afraid of getting your identity online? watch the movie "Firewall". You'll be more paranoid! hehe.

    @sandy: napilitan lang daw magFB pero hooked naman diay! adik! hahaha!

  8. hehehe. let's see carmz kay pranoid raba gyud kaayo ko. hehehe. oi daghan baya balita karon na naay mga security problems ang FB

  9. diay? i only heard on the picture thing. once you upload a pic daw, FB has a right on the pic.

  10. naa kunoy security threat of sorts pero i guess all social networking sites have the same problem. i don't know about FB ha pero there are tutorials online on how to hack friendster. if you can do it with one you might be able to do it to any other


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