Tuesday, August 18, 2009

And the Meaning of Life Is…

A thought came to me on a warm and unholy night as I was listening to the self-confessed miseries of an intoxicated 57 year old man. Just what do you live for when all your kids are grown up and you are all alone? What do you do when you are old and weary and you have no kids?

I know of others. At least three of them are approaching the twilight years single and unattached, having spent the duration of their lives caring and providing for their biological families. Whether their status is by design or out of necessity, I can never tell.

I am uncertain too if living mainly for others is a fact of Filipino life. I am nowhere close to unraveling the meaning of life and I suspect I would not come close even if I were also to intoxicate the very tips of my toes. But it seems a pity when one cannot live for oneself.

The spiritual are most fortunate because when the self is insufficient, there is at least a higher being.

I have nothing, nothing, nothinggggg eeeef I don’t haaave youuuuuwooo…


  1. No man is an island? I don't see things that way. I suppose it's because I was raised to think only for myself, being an only child and all.

    That aside, do you think it's possible that by seeking personal satisfaction we help others, too?

    PS I love the pahabol song number!

  2. well sandy i had four brothers and sisters and we were all raised independent (western way?). i know many Filipinos think it's selfish to think mostly of oneself but that's how we were raised and I like it...

    ...my parents are old and unfortunately not rich but they never ever ask any of us for financial support or whatever.

    i think this kind of mentality is helpful because parents and relatives don't have to worry about you.

    of course i can also appreciate the Filipino value of being family oriented. i certainly don't mind taking care of members who have at least tried to care for themselves but some people can go overboard. i think its unfair to overly burden other members with one's problems and emotional issues. we only have one chance at life and it's never our kids' fault if we made a mess :)

    yeah, the final song just popped into my head after listening "him." i feel sorry for him


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