Friday, July 3, 2009

My Mother is Not a Pig

The realization of the year just hit me. Our parents are not as neurotic, psychotic, paranoid or unreasonable as we think. They'd been telling the truth all along but we'll never really get it until we're about their age. By that time, we'll look back and realize we acted like medieval thinkers hell-bent on burning our parents at the stake.

Now I look with horror at my own future burning. She is only four and already she scowls at what she perceives to be my dictatorial reign.

If my mom were half the antagonist I'd imagined her to be, I suppose she'd be cackling right now. In between her sounds of mirth she'd probably say, "I told you so."


  1. make up.hehehe

    accretion is coming your way, and it will be a lot harder, once the younger one comes out of your tummy.hehehe

  2. wow! new layout! :)

  3. I never truly appreciated my mother until I became one myself. Then I went from thinking that she didn't understand me to realizing I was the one who didn't understand her.

  4. Totomel, kakatakot pag lumaki na sila. hehe :)

    Carmz ito lang yata ang only vanity ko.

    Maria I now feel the same way. I wish I knew better when I was still with her

  5. "Sige, hala, lumabas, 'pag ikaw nakita ng Bumbay, dadamputin ka nun tapos isisilid sa sako..."


    True enough. That's why hindi ako makaangal ng masyado sa nanay ko kasi I know eventually marerealize ko na tama 'yung mga sinasabi nya.

  6. Hindi sa Bumbay but a lot of things in life. Naku sabi n'ya magipon daw ako ng mag-ipon. Hayun ako naman si ipon. :)

  7. Hi Grace thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. Yes talagang part na siguro yan sa pagiging Pinoy ang maging selfless. Pasalamat lang talaga ako na naka pag-asawa ako ng mabait at very understanding kasi alam ko minsan pinag-uumpisahan yan ng away.

    Ang dami kong na realize when I became a mother and now I understand and love her even more. Isa lang yong sa akin tapos 5 yong sa kanya. Have a wonderful week ahead of you. :o)

  8. webie. hehehe. you are lucky na maaga ka nakinig sa mama mo. maybe magaling din mag put into words yung mama mo kaya di ka naging suwail.

    merydith you are truly lucky with your husband. foreigner diba? many of them do not understand this part of our culture kasi sa kanila talagang groomed for independence sila.

  9. wahahahahahah...indi mabait lang tlga ako...wahahahahahahahahaha

  10. Hehehe. I believe you Webie :)


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