Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Earning Online? LOL…

I’ve met them, the bloggers and NETrepreneurs who earn more than the manicured managers who dominate but turn with the wheels of corporate slavery. These virtual citizens who fan themselves with wads of green paper are around us and no one can tell, not even agent Smith of internal revenue.

But these folks didn’t get where they are overnight. It took most of them months and years of constipation, broken nails and bad breath (for not using their mouths often enough) to succeed online. That’s why it’s laughable when my spam box spills over with offers to teach me how to become an online millionaire in ten seconds for $49.

Fortunately, there are guys like Havi Gold who constantly remind us of reality. Every internet newbie should visit his page, before even thinking in $ signs.


  1. Hi ma'am! I'm back after how many years. sheesh! Busy kau sa skul.
    Anyway, LOL kau."Will you provide Britney Spears with full-time psychiatric care?"

  2. welcome back carmz. :) psychiatric care for britney? ano ba yan. haha

  3. she needs one. I remembered a news before that she went to a party w/o wearing an underwear. hahaha!

  4. ahahahahahhahahahahahaha....i always get a lot of spam saying i won hundreds of thousands of pounds from some unknown person...ahahahahha...

  5. grabe talaga ang mga scammers ano webie? sana naman at least one of those mails totoo. makakabili na rin ako ng bahay. hahaha


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