Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Digital Filipino Cagayan de Oro Networking Event

I am not one given to human idol worship. It’s not because of my fear of being stricken dead by a bolt of lightning even if Sr._____ told me it will happen. I can’t bring myself to idolize anyone because I can’t get rid of the notion that all of us humans are equal when we sit on the toilet.

I came close to bowing in semi worship when I finally met Janette Toral last Friday. She was in CDO for a bloggers’ networking event and I skipped an hour of work just to see her.

Toral is who I want to be when I grow up (I expect to grow a few inches with all the nutrients my doctor has been shoving down my hatch). I admire her not just because she is earning legitimately online, is the veritable first lady of Philippine e-commerce and is devouring the sights and gustatory delights of the country in the course of her work. She’s one of those on top of my list because of her sense of ethics and social responsibility.

I wonder how she began her journey. After more than two years of virtual citizenship, I’m nowhere close to idol status.

*Photo by Chiq Montes


  1. who's Sr. ______? hahaha! Being nosy again!

  2. anyway, congrats for the Camp. Obv. website!!! How's KHS? I heard naa daw Ah1n1 case.

  3. congratz to aimee :)

    yeah i heard about KHS. i dunno if naa ba gyud na infect or nisunod lang sila sa other schools for prevention. grabe noh?

  4. ahhh, abi nako nainfect jud. cge, ma'am. i'll resume my gaming mode.

  5. gaming mode? mau pa ka. hahaha. ako breakfast lunch dinner trabaho. pwede ta puro games nalang unta ang work ba?

  6. whoa? so you've met her? Did you ask for tips?

    Kaya yan...lakihan mo pa lalo ang web presence mo ihihihi...

    Kelangan na ng Pilipinas ng mas malaking network for Bloggers..hala cno kyagagawa nun...

  7. ay webie talagang nakaka inspire siya. hahay!

    actually i have no choice but to stay online and make the best of what i can kasi buntis ako at walang opisina gusto mag hire ng buntis. sana naman this is a sign na i am meant to live online. hehe


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