Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bricks and Rocks Will Break Your Bones…

If my husband is any indication, we Filipinos are slowly learning that we can just sit on our lazy asses, cultivate cellulite between the cheeks and let our fingers do all the shopping. Getting an item delivered to you from E-bay can take all of ten minutes without the agony of infinity pools of sweat (yours and other shopper’s) and failing deodorant.

Yes, online shopping is uber convenient but I’d hate to be on the receiving end of bricks and rocks. I’ve heard about this before but never actually thought it happens often in the U.S. Customers buy electronic products only to later find out that their product boxes contain nothing more than the prehistoric equivalent of new technology--- bricks and rocks. It’s either there have been a lot of naughty buyers or evil elves behind the counters. One investigative story here hazards an explanation.

That’s easy, you say. After all, in the U.S. a customer can complain all the time and still get a full body massage, a lollipop and a trip to Disneyland. Apparently though, the famed American customer service is no longer a gold standard. Now you can be passed from one rep to another from the Atlantic to the Pacific and there’s nothing you can “sue” about it.

If I got a box of bricks instead of a Mac, I might just skip customer service and start throwing bricks in the dead of the night instead.

*Photo from Big Foto


  1. I've read about this story. I think once in the US there was a mom who bought a Nintendo DS for his sons bday and what they got was bricks. She was furious and immediately contacted the store they bought it to. -this wasn't even bought online-

    I bet they got a lot of compensation.

    Well luckily, as an online buyer, i've never experienced anything like this.

  2. oo i heard some also get the bricks when they buy directly sa store. strange. hindi pala nila chine check pagbalot? sa pinas talagang sa harap dapat balutin diba?


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