Sunday, June 21, 2009

Satellite TV and My Addiction

I am an addict, a TV addict that is. Unfortunately, my only real options right now are the two warring local networks that continuously shove melodramatic fare that’s either too bad to be true or just plain bad. That’s why I was drooling yesterday when I saw that new small 18 inch dish perched on a neighbor’s home.

I’ve been thinking of getting DreamTV too which is what is available right now in my area but I wonder if the cost is worth the limited channels I can access. I still wish we had Direct Satellite TV here. With more than 200 channels to choose from, I’d have died and gone to TV heaven.

Like DreamTV, Direct TV works through satellite transmissions. Ground facilities transmit programming to satellites and satellites transmit back to viewers’ dishes so you’re sure you’ll get what you want to watch in full digital clarity. This is a more reliable option than cable and plain local TV.

It’s a bummer being a couch potato when I can’t get my hands on Satellite Directv.

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