Friday, June 26, 2009

A Measure of Self Determination

There are some things that grow on me and that I cherish almost fondly like stretch marks and sunny days. Then there are things I just can’t stand like hemorrhoids and carbon monoxide.

For five years, I have had the enduring desire to buy or rent a place of my own for my family. That would mean my husband, kids and I would have to leave my in-laws. I have been called selfish, thoughtless and proud not by my in-laws but by an indirect, faceless voice.

Is it selfish to want to have some measure of self determination? Am I proud for wanting to be able to chart my own course, raise my kids my way and exist as an independent being?

My parents raised me to be extremely independent and they had a feeling I wouldn’t survive living in someone else’s kingdom. I never really understood what they were saying. It seems I had to shower under truckloads of poop to get the point. Now I hear them clearer over the noise of falling shit.


  1. ma'am, wala pa gyud latest about sa apartment... ang pad ra gyud pirmi mabakante. btw, i have a new number. hehe. just change the 1 to 0.+63917x0xxxxx.

  2. hahaha. pares kaayo imo tubag sa ako post :)

  3. ahahahahaha...ako nga wla pang family etc. But definitely I'd love to get my own apartment and life...and not live like my cousins, who are married or probably 30 something w/ their parents...

    Ang masasabi ko lang, JIA YOU! AJA! VAMOS!...


  4. Hehehe. Salamat Webie. Dapat di na ako makunsensya ano? Sige go go go na to :)

    OO talagang ayaw ko na married na ako tapos nakikiipon...

  5. I've been independent for as long as I can remember and I'm proud of it. I don't really care what other people say.

  6. I salute you Nick. I wish I could be so brave. It's just a bit difficult in the Philippines because of the culture. So much value is placed on the family so the societal pressure can be tough.

  7. love the layout! wah...i'd been hoping to modify the layout that I have para ung "post" part ay mas malaki..masyadong malaki ung na tattake-up nung sidebar ko...wah..

    ni-way question: how's it going with your web hosting provider? and how's adsense working for you?

  8. Hi webie. talagang di ako mapakali ano? laging palit ng palit ng layout. hehe.

    i'll drop by your blog to answer your question

  9. ahahahahaha...m like that don't worry. parang pagpapalit lng ng kobrekama yan..:)

    I like your layout dito and it's really very strategic for "you know" btw, you may think of decluttering the sidebar...scattered ung mga buttons mo...idea lng po...ihihihihihi..

    I'm still on the process if decluttering my sidebar too. ;) No time nga lng.

  10. hehehe. oo nga ano webie. medyo cluttered siya pero nakokonfuse pa ako paano linisin. medyo wala kasi akong talent sa tech stuff. hehe


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