Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It’s Raining More Beautiful Men

Oh when will they quit? When will they stop forcing these abnormally groomed, armpit hair-less, atypical freaks of nature into the consciousness of Filipinos? The secret truth is that we don’t really mind, do we? We like looking at these handsome boys. Even the men do. But isn’t it an overkill for F4 to be reborn a fourth time?

First we had these guys,

Taiwanese F4

then these,

Japanese F4

then more of the same look,

Korean F4

now here they go again?

Chinese F4

They do say though that the fourth version, which is made in China is wholly forgettable. Fan girl critics say the Chinese version lacks the innate facial prowess potential of the other dolled up ones. They do look like twigs or boys over whom puberty was forced upon. Since I am pregnant and many Filipinos believe that visual images can affect how babies look like, I’m sticking to ogling the abnormal ones that still have a semblance of normalcy.

Incidentally, since Philippine T.V. is already busy ripping off the stories of successful Asian dramas, isn’t it about time we have our own version of F4? My personal pick for the lead roles are:

Filipino F4

Guess who the lead girl does NOT end up with.


  1. hahaha... i like our version better. :)

  2. ang cu-cute nila ano? hehe

  3. nice suggestion, ma'am! hehe.
    anyway, the Filipinos love the whole F4 thing because of the "rich boy and poor girl" concept.

  4. i guess so carmz. but i bet there will be lots of reactions over the chinese version because of their, um, "look" hehe

  5. i never knew gani na a chinese version existed. you watch korean/taiwanese series na ba? i remembered before i asked you what do you usually watch and you mentioned CSI and Alias.

  6. csi is still my favorite carmz but my situation is unfortunate. remember i want to rent my own place na? one big reason is because i can't watch my shows here. the owners of this house only watch telenovelas and action movies so imagine my suffering. hehe.

    but now that i've seen a couple of episodes of some of those asian dramas, i realize they're not as bad as i thought. at least some of them have real depth and character development. i don't want to put down our own but our dramas are a far cry from some of the asian shows. i don't want to hear of another baby switching plot again! hahaha

    of course not all asian dramas are good

  7. ahahahahahahhaha..naku nalulula na nga ako...

    well anyway, ilang bese ko ng napanud to di na kelangang paulit-ulit. Wala na bang ibang marerevive??

  8. hi webie. :) oo nakakalula na nga. sana gumawa nalang sila ng ibang original stories. ilang countries pa kaya ang mag rerevive nito? :)

  9. korek!

    That reminds me of Betty La Fea...

    feeling ko mas maraming nag-revive nito...grabeh...

  10. ay oo tama ka nga webie. mas grabe nga ang betty la fea ano? parang di na mabilang ang mga copied versions. pati US nakisali na

  11. I try to steer clear of all telenovelas, chinese or Filipino,
    I like to get my drama fix from shows like Grey's anatomy and One tree hill which if you ask me is a leetle more intelligent and scintillating as a telenovela.
    At least nobody does that dramatic girl crying one teardrop thing with the guy she's in love it walking away slowly in the background (G?).
    Anyway, I know it's a lil late but
    congrats on your new baby Ma'am! I was stupefied when i first heard! May God bless you with an easy pregnancy and a beautiful offspring. :-)

  12. Um, I try not to get a drama fix at all Mary. Hehe. I hate having to worry over a nonexistent character's problems. I have enough of my own, thank you. Hehe.

    Thanks for the greeting. The pregnancy is not easy at all. My sugar has been up and its hard for me to keep it down. I can only eat whole wheat, nuts, vegies, fish and tofu. Imagine me doing that for five more months! The little critter is now 4 months

  13. Eesh, the joys of motherhood ey?
    Well, I hope it gets better for ya.
    Surely we all can't wait to meet
    the little critter. :-)

  14. what A handsome and beautiful guys there :D


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