Monday, April 6, 2009

And the Philippines Belongs to…

Last week had its fair share of environmental depressants. That’s thanks to the Sulu kidnappings, Manalili’s commuted sentence and Chip Tsao’s overboard apology. One piece of news though caught my attention in particular. Surprisingly, it was more amusing than depressing.

Mindanao Goldstar’s April 4-5 weekend issue published a paid article that presented a certain Dr. Salvacion Legaspi-Kempe’s claim that a Chinese settler once owned the Philippines. According to her documents, the English Supreme Court issued a decree on January 17, 1764 that gave Prince Lacan Acuña ownership of the Philippines. Kempe who is from Iligan is allegedly a descendant of Acuña. Which means…


Even if there is some truth to the claim, one would still wonder what the whole point of the article is. Does it intend to just make an announcement, to declare an intention to pursue the claim or to invite ridicule?

One would also wonder why anyone with functional faculties would like to present a counter argument against a collective racial inheritance. For whoever owns the beauty and natural wealth of our country also inherits the monumental troubles of a beleaguered people.

With that being said, would you want to be the sole owner of the Philippines if you had the chance? What would you do if you did own the country?

I know what I would do first. I’d require all aspiring politicians to go through a year of community service and immersion in impoverished communities, Abu Sayyaf lairs and calamity areas. That way, they don’t need to take acting classes to look more convincing when they try to relate to the common man in their political ads (By the way, Mar Roxas has already driven a trisikad on T.V.). Either that or they get to sit with John Lapus on national television for a session of Don’t Lie to Me.


  1. LOL! O kaya interview with Boy Abunda with his mahiwagang mirror?

    If I own the country, I would probably just write a special power of attorney and have you manage it for me, I like the idea of politicians having some tete a tete with people who are in Abu Sayaff infested areas and much more so the idea of them residing in impoverished areas.

  2. Hahaha. Thanks Zhey :)

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