Monday, March 16, 2009

Day Sickness

I hear about them all the time. Those women who say they feel absolutely wonderful when they're pregnant. I wish for at least one day that I could relate to what these women feel because pregnancy for me is 8 months of grueling distress, like 8 months of daily colonoscopy, 8 months of being suspended on a hand glider or 8 months of being suspended by Google.

I shouldn't be complaining. After all, I wanted baby #2. My agonized whining would also be a slap on the faces of many of my acquaintances who would readily give me a million neck rubs so they could suffer in my stead and have babies. But I can't help it. Why me? It's like getting picked in a lottery you don't want to win.

It all begins when I wake up in the morning and an invisible pump suddenly starts forcibly drawing out the contents of the deep well that is my gut. I throw up nothing but for a moment, it feels like my entrails would like to go ahead and take the place of that nothing. I eat so I can have something to throw up. If my previous pregnancy is any indication, I'd probably be in this state for the entire duration it takes my little one to form ten toes, ten fingers and the gray matter that fourteen years from now will acquire the potential to challenge a mother's reasoning and break her heart.

But my frequent voiding from the opposite hole is not my only problem. My last pregnancy introduced me to the discomforts of regular infections. I am beginning to show clear signs of my first one today. They say it's all because of my rising sugar levels. That's why I have to limit my food intake. How in hell am I supposed to limit my intake more when I vomit everything?

Through this all, my patient, enduring husband takes care of everything--- the laundry, the cooking, the washing, the cleaning, the toddler and the earning. Maybe it's logical to first fall madly, deeply in love with each other before deciding to get married and have babies because the challenges can break apart those less attached.

Right now I keep telling myself that this is what I want. What I really want to say is, somebody help me!


  1. baby #2?
    i thought baby#3 na...
    well, anyway, kinsa ng naa sa pic???

  2. hahaha. sorry. wala man ko lain pic gud. baby number one na siya when she was much younger. baby number 2 pa ning gidala karon. :)

  3. oh, now, i get it.
    take good care of yourself! :)

  4. ganung ktgl n yan?

    hmnp...seems like everyone is getting pregnant (sorry)...but are a blessing. Sa office lng nmin 4 na ung preggers. Ung kasama namin sa bahay preggy din..weh...


    Take good care of yourself.

    Cute nung baby sa pic :)

  5. salamat webie. i only wish it could be easier for me. hehe. bakit yung sister in law ko nung nabuntis parang wala lang. ako araw araw feeling sick :(

  6. Congratulations, Ma'am! I may not be able to lend you the "help" that you need but I sure can tell you how blessed you are. =)

  7. thanks traveling minstrel. that's a very good thing for me to remember when the morning sickness gets too bad :)

  8. wow! i may not have that conception of what morning sickness is all about and the terrible thing that a woman undergoes during her pregnancy, but i pretty know how wonderful it is to rear another child in a mother's womb. it's a blessing Maam and i am happy for you.

    and in this month's celebration of international women's month, i salute the good mommy Grace in the blogosphere. my prayers are always with you! :)

  9. ma'am, ayo ayo baya ha! :)
    laagan kaayo sa ketkai ai. hehehe

  10. i've never seen you in ketkai! did i congratulate you the last time we spoke? anyway, congrats!
    are you hoping it's a boy or a girl? :)

  11. hi totomel, carmz and aimee. thanks for the good wishes.

    my daughter wants a boy but i don't wanna hope cause kawawa naman if he/she isn't what i expected :)

  12. Ma'am Grace, CONGRATULATIONS!
    (that's me screaming)

    I didn't know! Anyway, now I know, so Congratulations!

  13. hi grace. buntis ka pala. that's what's w/ pregnancy. it's a paradoxical clinical condition. pregnancy is pretty quite a normal human condition pero a medical specialty is devoted to it. it's a normal phenomenon but it resembles many diseases. that's why in the past, a lot of women get sick from pregnancy (don't get us started on the original sin LOL). In the past, nobody survives a CS. That's what happened to JUlius Cesar's mom. Uh-oh,sorry for the doctor mode.

    anyway, congrats. basta keep ur OB posted. it's been along time lurking for me.

  14. thanks sandy and philippine daily idiot. :)

    by the way daily idiot, i like it a lot when you are in doctor mode. hahaha.

    yeah i do believe that's the story behind julius' birth. i think even if his mom survived the birthing process, she would have died from infection. ayan baka kasi kain siya ng kain ng sweets kaya lumobo si julius. hehe

  15. depende cguro yan...hahahaha, malas mo lng. hihihi..but you'll get over it. I've heard may isang specific period lng ng pregnancy yan ngyayari. At i supose di lng ikaw ung ngkakaganyan..

    Ung isa kong ksma dito grabeh halos dugo na ung maisuka nya...kc naman naisuka nya na ung lahat ng kinain nya tas feel nya pa ring sumuka,.

    kya mo yan. Take care.

  16. hehe. thanks webie. anak ng pating talaga tong pagbubuntis :)


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