Saturday, December 20, 2008

World Domination and Value Meals

If there’s one thing in the Philippines that sprouts faster than weeds, it’s Jollibee outlets. It seems there’s always one in every corner. A little over five years ago, Cagayan de Oro only had two or three outlets around. Today, there are about ten of them with the newest having recently opened across Lourdes College. TEN! The number is enough to give you nightmares of swarms of giant yellow-orange bees out to get your pocket money and of thousands of chickens rising against chicken rights violations.

And they said the country is in economic distress. Apparently though, business must be doing great for Jollibee. We Filipinos just can’t seem to do without our value meals. A minimum wage earner will not hesitate to squander a good portion of his fleeting income for the tasty treats. That is even if Chickenjoy prices constantly threaten to send consumers into a coma and Yumburgers now resemble bald, thinning, receding hairlines. 

I must admit, I have a soft spot for Jollibee even if I like McDonalds better. I get emotional when anything Filipino rises to great heights (technically speaking, the founders seem to have strong Chinese origins, but the Jollibee characteristic taste is simply Pinoy).

I suppose it could only get better. Jollibee could be the next big tool in our bid for world domination, next to OFWs, TFC, and that infernal novelty song-infested noontime show. There are outlets sprouting outside of the Philippines. It’s only a matter of time before people from across the globe become infected with the urge to splurge on our value meals. Harharhar.

P.S. My daughter once said I look like Jollibee because of my generous rump. I wonder if that makes me qualified for mascot duty. 

*Photo taken from Sandy and Jasmine, my former students. These were my former publication staff members on their second childhood with Jollibee.


  1. "Yumburgers now resemble bald, thinning, receding hairlines." Hahaha Funny and true!

    Long Live the Peach Mango Pie!

  2. hehe. hello little tikla. visited you twice but got a little disoriented with the new friendster blogs

  3. Hello, too! Can't blame you about the friendster blogs, Ma'am. I still lose my way in there.hehe They've adapted the WordPress format.
    By the way, perhaps I previously gave you the wrong address to my blog 'coz I tried clicking it from your list and ended up with an error alert. This is the correct addy:
    I come here often but I'm one of your more silent readers. You know you're admired. =)

  4. "We Filipinos just can’t seem to do without our value meals."
    I certainly agree. You know what? I always scold my sister on how much money she spend for a value meal for her breakfast. I always remind her of the importance of money and how it should be spent wisely. gawsh

  5. thanks little tikla. hehe :) i wonder why the link is incorrect. i'll change it now.

    i feel the same way jack. i used to buy breakfast meals with amazing regularity. now the prices just shock me to death. i don't eat in jollibee as often anymore. seems like i'm paying for a five star meal every time. once a month siguro ok na :)

  6. "If there’s one thing in the Philippines that sprouts faster than weeds, it’s Jollibee outlets. It seems there’s always one in every corner."

    funny you should write that mags! i was thinking exactly the same thing this yesterday! i was planning to blog about it too hehehe :)
    well i'm not complaining about the business's growth spurt. it's pretty convenient to have a Jollibee nearby when i get the hankering for Cheezy Fries :P

    . . . . .
    yeah Friendster blogs is pretty difficult now. although the wordpress features are pretty cool the design templates are still lame. more customizable colors PLEASE!
    . . .
    hehehhe merry Christmas to you and your husband and that little angel Sophia, mags! :D

  7. hehe. thanks aimee.

    merry christmas to you and yours too.

    God bless you

  8. I'm there sa likod ni Mac! haha.
    I miss Jollibee! *sniff* *sniff*
    pa burger ka naman jan! haha.

  9. hey carmz. i'm glad you decided to come out of hiding. hehe.

    oi diba yung pa burger burger sa mcdo yun. hehe


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