Monday, December 8, 2008

Marky Cielo is Dead

I was never a huge fan of most local showbiz personalities but I like some of them. One of those that stood out for me was Marky Cielo. I liked this guy from the start because he wore his local origins like a badge of honor. I originally came from Baguio City and it was such a proud moment for me to see someone in showbiz who was not ashamed of being an Igorot and who wore the local colors like natural skin and without shame.

Marky Cielo died yesterday amidst all the hubub and rejoicing over Pacquiao's win. Indeed it was a pain to watch that local showbiz talk show where the hosts had to vascillate between gravity and glee in the light of both events.

I don't know how he died but he might have died in his sleep. According to initial reports his mom went into his room and found him dead. Some sources suspect that the young actor may have gone the same way as Rico Yan. As of today though, Marky's family is awaiting the official medical assessment. He was only twenty.

It is always a pity when young people die but it is even more of a tragedy when the young ones who die are the ones gifted with talent, humility, integrity and unaffected Pinoy pride.

Why do the good ones have to go early?

Photo Credit: kamza08


  1. nagulat din ako when the news broke. ang bata bata pa nya and he had so much to prove pa (sana).

  2. sayang talaga. yung mga magagaling at mabubuti pa ang nauuna

  3. seriously.
    he's gone?!?!
    that sucks big time.

  4. yeah sandy. it really sucks :)


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