Monday, December 8, 2008

All Quiet in the South-Eastern Front

It’s that time of year when crime rates are at their lowest, when streets enjoy light traffic and when the MILF declares ceasefires without fail. I’m not talking about Christmas. I’m talking about Pacquiao bouts. This last one with Dela Hoya has done all these plus it has made every enterprising Filipino with a cable connection richer by a few hundreds. If Pacquiao wants to help maintain peace here in the south and encourage some small measure of economic health, he could risk his life in the ring more often. That would make him a true heroic martyr worthy of a tin shrine next to Bonifacio’s desecrated one.

For those of us who are too miserly to get a cable connection, the benefits of Pacquiao bouts take longer to happen. So while the rest of the neighborhood ooh and aah in real time, we misers have to wait for three hours for a delayed telecast that’s generously peppered with five minute advertisements for every three minute round. Some of my housemates retreat with earplugs to the farthest corners of the house to escape well-meaning neighbors intent on spreading the news of the outcome. 

But it is impossible not to find out who the victor is before the delayed show. After years of hearing the neighbors howl, weep and recite expletives, it’s easy for every late viewer to develop the skill of determining Pacquiao fight outcomes based on human emitted sounds alone. My father-in-law however has a way of justifying not getting cable for the sake of watching Pacman destroy someone else’s face. He doesn’t mind watching delayed bouts with prior knowledge of the outcome because it’s watching the process of slugging that counts. 

In any case, delayed or not, I enjoy Pacman days because everyone’s behaved down here. Pacman brings peace like no other living creature can.

Photo Credit: cooldude


  1. that's true.
    no one does it like manny.
    there's a downside though:
    traffic stops.
    the jeepney drivers go AWOL.

  2. I see that you are a good writer. Mind if you teach me some tricks? hehehehe

    Pacquiao is a rarity that he really can keep things at standstill for just a few hours.

    Anyways, I have three blogs, The Frustrated Sports Analyst, Sneakers Monk, and The Music Hermit. If you have time, why don;t u checked them out and leave a comment here and there?

  3. haha. that's a nice one sandy. yeah... awol

    ug salamat mr. ragpala. hehe. unsaon nalang nang tricks. hehe. sige sige, i will visit some time this week. :)

  4. wah...ang tgl ko ng di naliligaw dine ah..ganda ng bagong template...konti ayos n lng sa sidebar...

    at the best thing is that nakakapag-comment na ko when at work (shhhhh....)..

  5. hehehe. ewan ko ba. parang na inspire ako bigla webie. yung side bar kailangan ko pa ng ibang mga pa charing na pwedeng ilagay. hehe

  6. I'd really hate to say this, but the fight was more politics than skill... De La Hoya's half-hearted blows and badly placed combos didn't convince me... No offense or anything hehe

  7. the truth is cadetwong, i have a feeling you may be right. i enjoy watching those fists fly but in most (all?) of his fights, i couldn't shake the feeling that they were only half real. um, yeah somethin like that

  8. i know what you mean haha. we need more pacquiao fights.

  9. hehe. yeah but he's fast approaching 30. i wonder if he'll retire early


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