Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Watcher

A friend who lives in another island is in need of a watcher, not the type whose job is to make sure that his boss’ vote buying really pays off. I mean the type whose job is: (1) to ring for the nurse in case the one being watched inexplicably turns blue, and (2) to satisfy the billing department’s demand for another down payment before the hospital is confronted with the dilemma of whether or not to take hostages.

I had a similar problem when I gave birth but it was more because of my ignorance than the actual lack of a watcher. I didn’t know until past my second decade of existence that patient watchers in Philippine hospitals are a must. Otherwise, patients will discover the true definition of death by neglect. So I went to the hospital by myself in all my pregnant glory to the distress of the staff who told me I needed a watcher immediately unless of course I were capable of lying in the delivery table, paying the bills, buying medicine and checking for spare blood from Red Cross all at the same time. Fortunately for me, I had in-laws who were so grandchild hungry that they didn’t mind watching over the source of what would become the joy of their twilight years.

My sister had pals who were equally as ignorant as I but they had an excuse because they were Europeans on a vacation in the Philippines. One of them had to unexpectedly be admitted to the hospital so the other one drives her to a public hospital and leaves her there. A nurse comes along and asks her for her watcher. The European blinks and her expression transforms into a question mark. So does that mean that European hospitals do not require watchers?

This begs the question: Are close Filipino family ties partly the result of hospital systems or are hospital systems the result of close family ties? Moreover, is the poverty of the Filipino condition yet again to blame for our need for watchers? What if every member of the family had to work to pay for the hospital bills? Should one volunteer to be unemployed to watch over the hospitalized?

If only my friend’s hospital allows online watchers in the same way that one funeral parlor now allows online wakes, there’d be no problem. Hehe.


  1. hehe. kung pwede lang sana ang online watching :)

  2. maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhmmmm.
    80% finished. still writing the photo captions... and editorial.
    my biggest problem is the illustrations. the graphic ed isn't doing a very good job. her drawings are quite suspicious. she doesn't speak english that well, but she comes up with these comic strips with flawless grammar. plus, the drawings are very familiar. Like something straight out of the newspaper. And the humor is pretty "advanced" too.

    Well that's basically it. My biggest prob (so far)is that.

    what should i dooo? I've asked other people to draw, but did they submit anything? noooooooooo.

    im losing my mind here!!!!!!!!!! i'd be ranting on my own blog right now if it weren't for sister breathing down my neck!!! (not literally!!!!!!) ahhhhhhhh!!!!!

  3. aimee you can't take the risk with that work. you have to confront your artist first. tell her about your reservations

  4. oh, i forgot to mention. yeah i did ask her if it was her work. i asked her four times! she said yes yes yes yes. then she texted later that day, wondering why I was asking. I told the "partial truth" and said the drawings weren't her style (her specialty is anime).

    p.s. i heard mary r's offering to do the cartoons for p300!

  5. tell her the whole truth aimee. my instincts tell me you should look for another cartoon or content. i don't think it's safe to print her work. i don't think sister L would like the idea of a paid cartoonist

    sister L called. i'll be in kong hua next week. now i'm confused.

  6. yeah, that's what brother tj told me earlier!

    well, see ya next week :P

  7. mary's offering to do comics for PhP 300????? i didn't know that.

    hospitals require watchers? i wouldn't know. when i was younger, i'd be confined because of my parents' paranoia. i was practically dogged everywhere...

    Madonna's my all-time favorite. gotta love cable TV.

    ... Ma'am GGGGGG!

  8. hahaha. sandy, what's the matter? you seem to be running so fast. haha


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