Saturday, November 1, 2008

Mag Chat at Bumuo ng Mail

I’ve been told that Yahoo Mail is so last decade and that the sosy ones have migrated to Gmail. I’m not exactly the sosy type but @gmail does sound nicer than @yahoo at least until Gmail becomes the next big stale thing five years from now.

So I signed up for a Gmail account and was a little surprised. Apparently my default mode is in Filipino and even if I try to shift to English, I still get the Filipino translation of everything when I check my mail.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the Filipino language. To me, it is one of the softest and most romantic of languages but it feels weird when you attempt to use it in a technical manner and on an online platform. It seems slightly out of place and incomplete. I still can’t get the hang of Mga Bituin and Kahon ng paghahanap and then there’s Mga Chat and Mga Setting. Don’t we have translations for chat, settings, sign-out, inbox, contacts and spam (ano yun, Karne Norte)? Is there no place in our noble tongue for tech talk?

My little trip into Pinoy Gmail just reminded me of how we still haven’t kept up with the virtual trend. While much of the world has completed its online migration, BIR still doesn’t have a more appropriate system for taxing online netizens, schools are still teaching Word and Power Point and small companies still haven’t realized that the future of businesses is in virtual reality.

I can’t blame the structure of our language for being what it is and for not allowing some local versions of foreign words. But I can’t seem to reconcile myself with the idea that there are other aspects of online life that our social systems also do not accommodate.

Maybe I’m just really looking for a genuine Pinoy online experience that doesn’t feel like I left half of my body in some foreign land.


  1. Hehehe I feel you, Ma'am. Not to undermine the Filipino language but "Sinuswerte ako" still sounds awkward on the Google home page... and TagLish makes me cringe. =S

  2. I'd been a gmail member for quite some time now but this is the first time I've ever saw the Filipino version of the always makes me laugh pag nakikita ko ung google search namin na tagalo..pero nakakainis xa but later on I got used to it...hehehe...

    Ano ung may bituin?! hmnp!

    In a way proud na din ako na may Filipino (language version) sa google/gmail kc it means na narerecognise tau, ung iba nga walang ganun...

    at..yes i definitely agree na dapat magkaroon na ng online tax rule ang bir regarding. marami pang iba.

  3. ay oo little tikla, meron pa palang sinuswerte ako. haha

    webie that's a good way of putting it. ok na rin na may google na local translation. yung paypal parang puputi nalang ang buhok ko wala paring full access and Pinas. hahay

  4. "...@gmail does sound nicer than @yahoo..." actually, if you try signing up for a new yahoo account, you'll see they're offering other choices like @ymail and @rocketmail!

    well, about the CO. the paper was supposed to be in print during the last week of october (sem break) but obviously that's not happening.

    i'd say it's 50% finished. the articles are still being compiled. lacking seven pa; 3 straight news, 4 feature. i've been reminding the writers. they're gonna submit tomorrow.

    i haven't seen the drawings for sammy's corner yet. gonna check it tomorrow!

    no literary page..

    as for the photos, some events have no pics pa. will probably have everything by wednesday.

    the theme, by the way, is "Environmentalists in Action." don't have anything for the cover yet!!!

    sighhhhh. anyway, thanks for asking ma'am. our new adviser isn't really focusing on the paper because he's mostly concerned about the FI Youth - he's moderator of that, too. (@.@)

  5. by the way, in the table of contents, what's the difference between FYI plus and FYI clips? (?.?)

  6. ahuh. somebody told me i'm supposed to cover for bro tj at the press but sis hasn't called me yet. i will stand up and clap for you when you graduate if you manage to come up with a paper without a mod. hehe

    fyi is a section for longer articles. fyi clips are for teeny weeny ones. yah know, the small articles about the events that just keep on recycling every year. hehe

  7. ohhhh. okay, got it!

    i really don't know what's up with sis. L. she told me during sem break, "i don't like mrs. maghanoy to be there."

    i guess she meant we're better off alone???

  8. oh, she's sick by the way :(

  9. well if she says she doesn't want me to be there. that's REALLY great news for me :) haha. goodluck dear

  10. well i'll still be pestering you with questions!

    here's one. i've encoded nearly all the articles already. some of the writers highlighted or bold-ed some words, and i agree that they really need to be emphasized (items on a list, for example). do i make them bold, or will the printing press do that? :)

  11. sigh. you can make them bold if you want to and then when the first sample print comes back from the press and they aren't bold, you can put a note on the sample print and tell them to make the text bold

  12. okay, thanks! that's all. for now >:)

  13. masyado kasing literal ang translation ng mga terms...nakakatuwang nakakainis. di ba? I am sure there are better and more appropriate translations.

  14. oo, ganun na nga inkblots. parang di tuloy ako maka konek. hehe

    salamat nga pala sa pag daan :)


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