Sunday, November 16, 2008

CDO Bloggers

I’ve always had people problems. Let me rephrase that. I have a problem with people. I don’t exactly run away screaming at the sight of people--- YET, but I do prefer to go solo most of the time. That’s why friends usually get offended when I decline invitations for communal binging and I get wide-eyed stares of surprise from acquaintances when they catch me plying my air conditioned primary residence that is the mall.

But I live in the Philippines where the desire to congregate is many times stronger than other people’s. This is the country where every event that distracts even slightly from routine becomes an excuse to call friends and family for endless rounds of merrymaking. If most people in my circle socialize with painful regularity, I figured that there must be something wrong with me.

It was therefore with tremendous effort fueled by a small desire at achieving normalcy, that I purposefully accepted an invitation to meet fellow bloggers in the city. That was even as I quaked in my shoes at the prospect of meeting real people. But the meeting appealed to me because it had ends other than getting drunk on absurdly expensive buckets of beer. I was told that city groups of bloggers were all the rage in Manila and Davao and that it was about time that Cagayan de Oro had its own.

I arrived early because I did not want to have to stare stupidly at restaurant patrons looking for people who looked like online avatars. So I sat there, every nerve in my body in tiny involuntary seizures either because of the endless cups of coffee I had consumed while waiting or because of the fear that people were coming.

The people who looked nothing like their creepy, cute or abstract avatars eventually came. The most surprising thing about them was that they were all accomplished techno-savvy professionals who had every right to scoff at my newbieness BUT (gasp) they did not bite! By virtue of some invisible force, I blurted some gibberish, succeeded at convincing them that I was amiable and became a part of a group.

I wonder if this makes me normal now.


  1. Hi,

    This will the beginning of real you and our new CDO BLOGGERS community...Be true and enjoy life..:-)

  2. hi dingexx. thank you for dropping by :)

  3. preho pla tau grace, prehong may people-problem. heheh

  4. preho pla tau grace, prehong may people-problem. heheh

  5. wow. i never thought may people problem ka rin. hehe. well, at least nakahanap ako ng kapareha. hehe

  6. Hey, ur blog crossed on my screen after I checked Loud's Blog Challenge. I did not read it yet co'z dont have the time. But I know it's worthy, nanalo eh...

    So proud of you!!!

    Promdi (Davao) pud ko pero naa nako sa Dubai karon.

  7. that's very nice of you julius. thanks for coming by :) let's join more challenges!

  8. haha. yes i am aimee but that's a secret i kept for a long time. com'on i have to earn right? i can't do that if i have to run away every time i see people

  9. i've never been in one big blogger meeting(except nung naginuman kami ni bunso at pen palaboy, to share), but its not majorly because i'm just a semi active blogger but because...

    walang nagyayaya!

    haha, i hope you get to meet more often so people may know how much of a brilliant writer you are Ü

  10. wow. salamat mel ha. hehe. nakakataba talaga yan kasi coming from you. alam mo na... maypagka caustic ka rin so di basta basta ang papuri galing sayo. hehe

  11. Miss G! congratulations! yee!
    you're a social being now! ;D (JOWK)

    I've heard of this CDO bloggers thing. one of the mems posted a shoutout in our CDO Multiply group.
    sounds cool!

  12. I still shudder at the thought of being a social being. hehe.

    join us sandy, why dontcha?

  13. thanks ragpalizer :)

  14. Woah! takot sa mga tao? baliktad tayo.. interested ako sa mga tao... But anyway... techno-savvy nga ako and the other bloggers and newbie ka, pero I salute you the way you write articles... The best ka talaga... How I wish I can write like that. Tinangkong man gud akong english... aheheheh

  15. wow rob. coming from you that's really something ha. you are one of the bloggers nga ako gyud gi look up to. bilib ko sa imong "savviness"

    i just wish i knew how to use my talent more for financial purposes. hehe. enjoy kaayo mag blog oi pero lisod pag monetize. that's why mas mubilib gyud ko sa inyong mga seo experts :)


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