Monday, October 6, 2008

I am Not a Princess

My daughter placed a large Rubik’s Cube underneath my pillow last night. Perhaps she’d been thinking that the tooth fairy would be amenable to a substitute. Not only did I not feel it, I also slept straight for seven hours and woke up without a stiff neck. That simply proves that I am definitely not a princess and that I had not been accidentally placed in the wrong crib after birth.

It is quite possible though that I really am secretly a princess but I was unable to feel the large lump underneath my emaciated pillow because too much writing had robbed me of my energy, wit and sensitivity. I have therefore resolved to take a one week break from blogging until I can collect my scattered wits, refill my fat-deprives cells and feel the Rubik’s Cube underneath my pillow.

I shall be back next week, alive, alert, awake, enthusiastic… really!


  1. i remember the story, "the princess and the pea" hekhek. in my case, i would've used the cube to tire my eyes to sleep

  2. whenever i hear the song
    "alive, alert, awake, enthusiastic!" i remember Sir S.
    definitely not the best song to sing NOW.
    It's finals week! :D

    ps. rosh and i are planning to watch eagle eye tomorrow. ;D

  3. hehe. well, mel, the cube wouldn't have put me to sleep cause i'm too OC to pass up on solving it. hehe

    sandy I am shocked. it's finals week and you are off to see eagle eye? well, that's a great idea actually but boy have you changed. hehe


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