Saturday, September 13, 2008

Take Me to Your Leader

I am a Star Trek fan but will never really talk about being one simply because very few can relate to me. While my classmates talked about the latest foreign prancing units of testosterone and romantic literature of the popular and forbidden kind, I sat across my imaginary friend and talked about traveling at the speed of light, life in other planets and how William Shatner’s hairline got abducted by aliens. I was so enamored with the show that my invisible friend soon convinced me that I would one day navigate the stars too even if my mathematical abilities never went beyond addition and subtraction and my physics teacher came close to certifying me an idiot.

When the local T.V. station, that had more static snow than clear broadcasts, dropped the show because it was earning them the equivalent of a black hole, I had to settle for more popular science fiction fare on the big screen. You know, the type where the earth either always gets swamped in catastrophic floods and you can almost hear Noah whispering “I told you so” over your shoulder or always gets invaded by aliens with issues and America always saves the day. 

If the earth really got invaded I wonder what the rest of the world would be doing. While America sends off its baldest bad ass former/wannabe NASA astronaut into outer space to incapacitate the mother ship and save the world once more would we Filipinos be:

a. smiling and laughing as if the end of the world was the most natural thing?
b. showing those menacing aliens the way to the Batasang Pambansa or to Malacanang?
c. drafting a memorandum of understanding for the aliens to consider?
d. drinking San Miguel beer to dull the pain?
e. watching Wowowee because Angel and Piolo will be lip synching on stage off key? 

I would probably be on a rooftop with a placard screaming, “Take me with you.”

P.S. Incidentally, would anyone know if there is any truth to the War of the Worlds story? I was told that when H.G. Wells’ classic was first adapted for the radio over a century ago, the people of London were said to have believed that there really was an invasion and began to panic. Fortunately, nuclear technology wasn’t invented yet and no half crazed balding scientist ever thought of nuking the earth to get rid of those long-limbed bastards.


  1. huh! We'll be watching el cuerpo and prayed to god that the aliens won't destroy us...not unless after the show...

    I gotta read those H.G. Wells I stored here somewhere.....

  2. haha. yeah, do read HG Wells. great early sci-fi...

  3. i've got an old friend(take note: he really is old) who is also a fanatic of star trek. not only does he have the (almost) complete collection of novels, he has also seen anything that came out on tv

    "live long and prosper" - nde ko alam kung kaninong line yun

  4. hahaha. kay spock! yung alien na matulis ang tainga.

    hehe. now i feel old :)

  5. hello grace.. amigo mi way back in USC but i never heard of him again since he left for his studies in the US. you have a brilliant brother (whether its with the genes or with natural influence). and i remember him mentioning about you sometime over petty arguments in philosophy...well he talked much of star trek and i countered him with gunter grass' works.lisod sabton, but that's how we get acquainted.heheh.

    you have fecund mind...probably next to jessica zafra

    ...and you have the humor..
    trailing behind bob ong.hehe. i wish ill get hold of your book someday. cool!

  6. hahaha. thanks omel. i'm glad we met online. :) well, my "book" is having a difficult delivery. i feel like giving birth to my "book" na pero all of a sudden nagka complication during pregnancy. hehehe

    hope to keep in touch with you sa virtual world :)

  7. hahaha...there's must be something wrong with filipinos giving birth to a "book." i guess you need to contact the doctors in mars or in other planets to get though with it. i understand how hard it will be. issue keeps sprouting like ethiopia having trouble with maternal mortality rate, so wouldnt it be also a good feature to have a filipina giving birth to a book? hahaha. in any case you feel the pain, you always have your imaginary friend to call you a space ambulance.whats the name of of that spoon shape spacecraft in star trek?hehehe...and when you have given birth to it (his, her...bakla,tomboy), let me know right away ha?.oh baby libro,aklat, ug unsa pay term ana!hehehe

  8. haha. that's funny totomel. oo talagang mahirap manganak ng libro sa pilipinas. but i will surely inform you pag successful na ang pag deliver. hehe.

    *enterprise yung tawag dun sa kutsara pero sa totoo lang parang parte siya ng toilet bowl sa paningin ko. :)


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