Sunday, September 7, 2008

She’s So Very Piang

Would somebody tell me what in blue blazes is piang?

Why oh why among all the nations of the world have we Filipinos been cruelly selected to suffer this medically incomprehensible condition? Piang clearly does not refer to a full bone fracture or a strained muscle. Otherwise, the poor victim would be unable to manage even the faintest glimmer of the famed Filipino jollity in the worst of adversities. I have been repeatedly told though that if a piang is left untreated by a manghihilot (quack doctor + masseuse of sorts?) the afflicted individual will suffer from innumerable aches and pains for the rest of his miserable existence, whereby he will wonder if he had been chosen by a gang of invisible magical dwarves to play tricks on.

My parents must have been from an alternate dimension where the Philippines is the dominant world power and where Filipinos sit in garden cafes drinking tea, discussing Plato’s Republic and plotting total world domination. They don’t believe in piang and the manghihilot. By virtue of association, neither do I. But my in-laws do and dinner conversations occasionally take a bad turn whenever my daughter is ill for unknown reasons. 

* There’s no question about it. She has piang.
** [staring down at my MSG laced dish; no comment]
* We must bring her immediately to the manghihilot.
** [if my eyes had laser beams, there’d be a hole on my plate]

Of course, I do acknowledge that modern medicine cannot comprehend or solve everything. In a few hundred years when much will be understood, our current methods of healing by cutting, stitching and chemical bombardment will be met with no small measure of shock by the people of the future. While little is understood today, the traditions of old must be referred to for additional wisdom. There must be some truth to piang and hilot but I just wish there was at least some sort of explanation for them. Even the most obscure of eastern medical methods hazard some explanation behind their curative claims no matter how improbably mystical. No one however has ever explained what piang is. 

I’m going to go crazy if I have to bear another dinner conversation about this unknown condition that the old ones say plagues my daughter every time she has fever or an upset stomach. Somebody save me.

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  1. piang?

    as or kung ano man? o may usog? hmmmmmn...

    btw, i hate the idea of going to the manghihilot whenever it was suggested to me I always say i would rather die.

    Once my sister twisted he ankle and nagpunta sya sa manghihilot...hinilot...gumaling s'ya. sbi kung sa doctor un pumunta lalagyan pa ng semento...

  2. talagang clueless ako kung ano talaga ang piang webie. pero laging may piang DAW ang anak ko kung nadadapa siya or nahihila ng bigla ang mga arms niya. obviously di naman dislocated or fractured ang bones niya so di ko talaga alam kung ano tong piang na ito

    ako rin never nagpahilot. nung nalaman ng nanay ko na pinapahilot pala yung anak ko talagang na worried siya. sabi niya baka daw ma injured pa mas lalo anak ko

    ewan ko ba. di ko talaga alam gagawin ko

  3. my answer dun sa comment mo sa blog ko:

    meron ako nun...30 na lang para sayo!!! 2ndhand..nabili ko sa booksale for 35 pesos...ndi ko pa nga lang nababasa...

    cge benta ko na sau...bahahahaha...mukhang ndi ko rin naman mababasa un eh...

    malinaw ba mata mo?

    Answer ko sa comment dito:

    Naguguluhan tlga ko...ano ba yan...san ba nila nalalaman yang mga ganyang effect!!! OMG...

    di ko din gets...ung nadapa at nahihila ng aray ba s'ya? ano ba ang reaksyon nya???

  4. normal lang naman madpa ang bata webie diba. siyempre medyo masakit pero pag nilagnat bigla ang bata or naging weak after nadapa sasabihin nilang may piang. ang pinaka close na tagalog word siguro paran dun eh pilay pero obviously di naman talaga pilay kasi kung pilay siya masakit igalaw kahit konti lang. hahay. ewan ko ba

    drop by ako sa blog mo mamaya para malaman ko kung pano ko mapapadala bayad ko. salamat webie ha

  5. before reading this entry, i never realized piang was a bisaya term. hm.

    i don't believe in the manghihilot, too, but i've been 'treated' by one before. i don't think my cough (yes, it was a cough) disappeared because my parents rushed me to the hospital soon after.


    it feels good though. 'pag hinihilot ka.

  6. yeah i think being treated by the hilot is a lot like getting a good massage. i just wish somebody could explain its therapeutic properties. i'm gonna go nuts. i hate it when they claim that my daughter is all better because of the hilot

  7. welll...ipahilot na nga...

    wla naman mk2sama eh...mostly libre lang naman un. and if ever na patuloy pa rin..go to the doctor nah...^_^

    nagalit sa kin ang nanay ko sa mga insidente ng hilot...dati sobra ung nararamdaman nya..tas un 1 or 2 session ng hilot...gumaling s'ya...BALI daw ata un pero wla naman tlgang's a manghihilot term or something like that.

  8. haha. oo webie parang ganon. ang in-laws ko ganun din ang belief. wala naman daw mawawala pag pinahilot ang bata pero nanay ko stricto talaga. ayaw niya ipahilot yung bata kasi baka mabalian daw talaga. sige nalang. ipahilot kung ipahilot. hehe. nag post ako sa blog mo about sa book

  9. Salamat para sa mga kagiliw-giliw na blog


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