Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Culling

Thanks to online writing I am fast becoming a Jill of all trades. I’ve learned nearly everything from achieving transcendence to convincing fellow females to go out with me. This week, my assignment has made me an unlikely expert of horse breeds, 75 of them to be exact. Most of these breeds are the result of human intervention. Human meddling in equine affairs has sometimes been so extreme that there have been horses as short as 17 inches and as tall as 6 feet.

Breeders decide which horses can give and deliver reproductive fluids to create horses with physical attributes, performance traits and temperaments that are ideal for whatever specific purpose the breed will be used for. Those that don’t make the cut are culled. That’s just a fancy way of saying Simon (or Wyngard) says they have no talent, earning them unlimited passes to the pastures of the afterlife. Of course, other breeders simply prefer castrating undesirable specimens or locking them away from the company of the opposite gender.

For some strange reason, that is probably the result of my own unusual breeding, horse breeding reminds me of the Olympics. I got the connection after standing on my head for a couple of hours. Try it. The truth is though is that the perceived connection is a hypothetical one. I was wondering if the Olympics could have been used as a “breed” tester of sorts if solid proof had been found to support racist theories. Would the Filipino race have been gradually culled because of the lack of desirable attributes that could lead to a gold medal? As matters stand, most of our champions have already bowed out in Beijing.

But there is no basis for racist beliefs. The Human Genome Project says we are all 99.9% similar. Although the small fraction that points to our differences may have critical implications in disease treatment, environmental adaptability and PERHAPS even specific task performance (which means slight genetic differences should not be taken lightly in the interest of political correctness), I would like to think that Filipino athletes could have an equal crack at collecting gold in events where we naturally excel in if we had the same opportunity for training as athletes in other countries do. Our failure to go for gold has nothing to do with our “breed.” I highly suspect that if culling had to be imposed, the ones who diverted the funds for sports training should be the first ones in line.

Note: For an interesting account on genetic mapping and the controversy of racial differences, check Race and the Human Genome

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  1. well, i can still say that we are far more superior when it comes to survivability in the wild, hehe.

    minsan palit tayu work, gusto ko talaga matry magtrabaho sa bahay eh hahaha!

  2. oo nga noh mel. talagang magaling mag survive ang pinoy pag wala ng mga comforts and amenities. hehe

    pagnasubukan mo siguradong mababato ka agad. ok na yang nas loob ng opisina na aircon, coffee, pretty girls at internet. hehe

  3. it's not the race. ano laNG yan..kulang kc cla ng budget. so ndi cla masyado cgurong na trained. e ung mga taga ibang bansa..bka nga..ung training nla sobra-sobra. gudluck naman ke phelps..ayaw nyang kumuha ng gold medal..d b? cguro..todo2 and training non..

    anyway..tlgang windang ako dun kay harry tanamor ah..well..obvious na ndi tlga xa di ba sobrang daming boxer dito na tlgang malaki ung potential na manalo..bkit c harry tanamor lang pinadala?

    we couldve done better. ni isang medal b wla pa tau?

  4. hi webster. parang wala pa talaga tayong medal. sa august 20 pa ang taekwondo na parang last chance na talaga natin. hahay.

    talagang agree ako na kulang lang ang pinoy sa training kasi walang pera ang individual athletes. sana naman kasi magkaroon ng suporta. e kung yung mga nag bet ng milyones sa mga away ni pacquiao at sumama pa sa las vegas tumulong nalang kaya kesa gamitin ang pera para bumuntot sa pambansang kamao

    si tanamor talagang na surprise ako kung bakit siya ang napili. nung nakita ko siya ang payat payat niya pala. parang isang suntok lang wala na

    sana naman after four years mag improve na ang national sports program natin

  5. tsk tsk. so this means there's a large probability that some races have higher average IQ's than most?

    or something like that.

    still, training and practice adds a lot to natural talent. we just need funds... and competitiveness.

  6. i'm not so sure about the IQ sandy cause a lot of environmental factors can affect the IQ especially if you administer a US made IQ test (that is not culture fair) to someone who isn't american. but if we are to believe what the source article says, we do have some differences...

    let me guess, you must have read the article. hehehe


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