Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bird Training

There are a lot of important circumstances to direct our attentions to such as climate change, poverty, hunger, terrorism and talks of a Dela Hoya-Pacquiao bout. I however, have chosen to postpone sitting under some tree of enlightenment to attempt to find a solution to these weighty matters so I can focus on animal welfare, that is, one animal’s welfare.

I had no choice. They had to cut down a coconut tree that had been showering its bountiful blessings on the roof of a long suffering neighbor. I was in my work station fabricating more lies for the online community in behalf of a client when my toddler showed up by my window all sweaty and dirty holding up what appeared to be a bird’s nest from the tree. I knew at that point that I had a responsibility to refrain from spitting unholy words at the sight of the little creature I had to clean up and to save the other little creature that had just been abandoned by its mother in the house of twigs (Excuse me for using "IT." I have no idea if the bird is male or female).

It is true that birds and animals don’t think or feel in the same elevated levels as humans do but I don’t think that justifies leaving the baby bird at the mercy of a toddler who hasn’t yet mastered the finer points of motor control. It occurred to me that if I were the one lost and afraid and a baby alien with superior intellect came by and found me, I wouldn’t appreciate it if he squished the life out of me simply because I hadn’t mastered calculus or grasped the meaning of life. 

In short, I have adopted the bird until it can fly off on its own. My husband says this bird belongs to a species that is capable of committing suicide in moments of distress. The fact that it hasn’t stuck its legs up yet is an indication that it must be happy and healthy.

My problem is that it has grown too happy. It is not kept in a cage and pecks and poops where it will. It has no desire to live outside in the little makeshift condo we made for it and it has no skill whatsoever when it comes to scavenging. It flies towards people, toddlers, cats and chickens rather than away from them and I swear, if it had a longer tongue, it would stick it out and lick my face. I want the bird to fly away because it is supposed to and because I do not like the idea of collecting generous amounts of poop and mediating between the bird and a kid with a firm grip. 

If you have suggestions on how to teach the bird that I am not its mother, that cats are not its friends and that it should live in a tree, please feel free to help me out.


  1. maya!

    ang bait naman ng anak mo. Buti ndi nya pinisot. kc ung ibang mga bata papatayin na yan o lalamugin hanggang s mamatay.

    kelangan muna malakas xa bago i-train lumipad. tas pag malakas na xa. parang ihagis hagis nyo lang peo ndi mlakas or hawakan ng walang tali (?) pag nasa labas.

    I'm not sure kung yung mga words na ginamit ko ay tama oh parang harsh..basta parang ganun na rin un.

  2. probably decreasing the amount of time you spend with him/her(i assume you hate calling animals as 'things') will make the bird act on its own and start looking for a more familiar crowd, lolz

    anlabo pero sa tinign ko solid yun :D

  3. salamat webster at mel. I can definitely use your tips kasi talagang clueless ako at hangad ko lang naman talaga na bumalik siya sa nature at maging masaya

    oo mel, i hate referring to animals as things. normally hindi rin ako gumagamit ng "IT" pero kailangan sa post na ito kasi pati husband ko na animal fanatic di niya alam kung lalaki ba o babae. i wonder pano rin kaya mag tell ng gender ng bird? :)

  4. uu nga may buhay ang mga animals!

    cute nang bird!miss ko mga alaga ko dati...

  5. may mga alaga ka rin pala bunso? itong bird ko talagang natutunan ko na talagang mahalin...

  6. ahahah natawa ko "bird mo" :D err..

    hmm.. depende sa ibon cguro.. para kasing zoo sa bahay dati so as per experience (ko sa mga alaga nmeng lumilipad) you will know their gender by its beak. pero dpende pa rin. un iba un sa feather sa ulo.. un parang sa cockatail...bsta un. [bsta dont quote me on this, kasi ganto natutunan ko kay nanay sa mga kasambahay naming lumilipad lipad] :D

    i agree w/ webster twelb.. pde mo sya ihagis hagis pero wag malakas, na baka maligwak ang bituka ehhehe!pwede mo xa icage, pero un malaki sana (para na rin hindi magkalat ang poop), for him to have space to fly by. better if ull have plants sa bahay para mas maka adjust saya kalikasan :D

  7. What a coincidence! After a recent rainstorm, my little brother also found a lost baby maya and brought it inside. A few hours later, we heard an exchange of chirps and suddenly to adult mayas (probably the parents) went in our house and guided the little chick to a nearby tree. The scene was unbelievably touching!

    I hope your baby maya will find its way back to its natural habitat soon.

  8. i would have loved to live sa zoo mo noon pen. hehe. love ko talaga ang animals.

    aba little tikla nakaka touch naman yan. i bet yung mama nung bird namin hinahanap din yung anak nila. di lang siguro talaga nila alam na nasa loob ng bahay.

    kaka touch yung story mo :)

  9. may name na ba ang baby maya mo grace?

    hehe, parang gusto ko na rin mgka pet ulet... maliban sa dogs...

    sinisira kasi nila mga tsinelas ko haha!

  10. ang tawag ng anak ko sa kanya eh birdie. ayoko na palitan kasi birdie na talaga ang lagi niyang sinasabi.

    parang gusto ko na tuloy kumanta ng "don't touch my birdie" hehe

    sa totoo lang di ko gaano gusto magka pet kasi masakit sa dibdib kung mawawala sila. siyempre una naman talaga namamatay ang animals kaysa sa humans kung normal life span lang ang pagbabatayan


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