Sunday, June 15, 2008


It has been a week since the Ces Drilon kidnapping incident. As her mother station has suggested, it would be best for everyone not to make conjectures or even educated guesses on the matter.

But people have been making comments if not particularly about the incident then generally about the state of the nation. The internet is bursting at the seams with socio-political commentaries running along the lines of lamenting the gross lack of national stability on all fronts that has rendered our country inhospitable and nearly uninhabitable. This flies smack against the basic tenets of freedom and democracy for which our government still calls itself a champion of. How can we be free if we cannot go where we want to without fearing for life and limb and without having to pay ransom which is now officially known as non-ransom-mandatory-board-and-lodging-or-you’re-dead fees? Which is a better form of government, one that openly espouses tyrannical order or one that only puts up appearances of espousing democracy and the greater good?

There is no need to even think of an answer. All the sources of collective national grief (conspiracies not excluded) have already been excessively dissected. I shall leave other greater minds to look for new angles to old issues to rant and lament over. My only issue now is the media giants’ bid for exclusivity. Are the current real life dangers faced by our media avoidable circumstances that are willingly sought because of the mad scramble for something exclusive to feed the judges of the evening ratings?

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