Sunday, June 22, 2008

Death By Diabetes

Dear Readers,

Someone close to me just died because of the complications of diabetes. My take on the preferred Filipino disease however, and my discovery of the real reason why poor folks in the Philippines apparently have less costly diseases and preludes to death than rich folks are for another post entirely. Right now, I simply wish to inform you that I shall be taking a brief break from serving the freshest wit and sarcasm known to man.

I am now currently knee deep in making my services available to the bereaved family. I do this even if I still do not fully understand why we must stay up all night playing mahjong and drinking killer spirits when most of us in the room are also diabetic; wear white when we are not Chinese and pray on the 9th and 40th nights when half of what the manalabtan (prayer leader of sorts?) is saying is in a tongue seemingly foreign to all known life including her own. I shall be back next week when I am done with propagating tradition, staying awake for the rest of the week, raising my blood sugar level, musing over the meaning of life and bidding my fellow being a great afterlife.


Gracia El Caustica


  1. hi GM's..
    hope you're doin fine now.. if not all right. my condolences.

    i can't say anything further, it's just that i know how it feels..

  2. thank you pen. yeah, i'm just trying to make things seem light but you know how it is... deep down i really feel terrible

  3. its hard, but i think its best that we not grieve for those who passed away in pain, they are in a better place now i believe...

    might as well enjoy the memories while they are around and be conscious about your health, have a great day grace!

  4. condolence po!

    kmusta naman po kayo ngaun?

  5. condolence ate...

    yakang yaka u yan...but take a rest din po ah...bawal po magkasakit...

    take care po...d k po nag-iisa..

  6. hello mel, webster and bunso. thanks for your thoughts. i'm back :)


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