Friday, February 8, 2008

More Politics Anyone?

I’m starting to hate writing about government politics. It’s not just because my posts with politics in them are the least noticed. It’s also because politics, in any language, is distasteful, distressing and depressing. I’m sure some of those who drop by to read my blog feel the same.

As much as I would want to spare all of us from having loose bowels or fits of nausea, I feel it is my duty as a citizen to give an update on what the elected circus freaks are doing.

1. This week, the Speaker of the House lost his seat and, not surprisingly, has bitten the hand of the Ewok that fed him. After having had his seat taken right from under him, De Venecia is not taking things sitting on his rump on the house floor. He has spoken about the festering corruption in the Ewok’s palace. Beware oh short one, he knows the skeletons in your closet by name. I would have wanted to say, “Bravo De Venecia,” but his performance and stunning oratory are four years and millions of dollars too late. Do we even have to wonder why? Yung mag wawander pa, talagang slow!

2. Jun Lozada apparently has a story that does confirm that the First Gentleman and former Commission on Elections chief Abalos did get their hands mired in the anomalous $329 million broadband deal. While I am writing this piece, a certain scary administration senator with a foreign accent is banking on the power of her hard to understand vocabulary and atrocious diction to confuse people and discredit Lozada.

Are your bowels still intact? More importantly do you even care?

*Video credit:1piso/T.V. Patrol


  1. Good morning!!! Kagigising ko pa lang eh. Well napanood ko yung pagbaba ni De Venecia. Nakakatuwa at aliw na aliw ako. Hindi na sila magkaintindihan at sila-sila na ang nagsasalpukan. Yan ang kapangyarihan ng PERA.

    Tawa ako ng tawa kay EWOKs mo. Oo nga medyo hawig!!hahaha. Tawag ng nanay ko sa kanya ay "Pambansang Nunal". Antay ko na lang ulit bagong post mo. May the force be with you.Godbless

  2. hahaha. maganda rin yung pambansang nunal. hehehe

    grabe Z ano? harap harapan na sila manloko sa atin!

  3. Hey Grace,

    Just wanted to let you know I fixed the problem with your template. The fix is posted over at my design blog.

  4. Ma'am Geeeee,
    I don't like what's happening to the country. What state will it be in when it's our turn to run it????

  5. ya sandy it will be in a state of mess. but that's what i kept trying to tell you guys before. i'm crossing my fingers, hoping you guys are much much better people than these politicos because you will be running the country in the future. that's why i get so easily pissed off when students cheat. that could develop into a habit and before you know it you could be lying between your teeth about another ZTE scandal.

    whew. that was a long tirade. hehehe

  6. Puh-leeze, we haven't even solved the governments extrajudicial killings. Ya think this really raises my eyebrows? swear to gawd this country's government is sooo messed up. Anarchy doesn't sound so bad anymore.


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